This Android feature will protect you from being tracked by people nearby

This Android feature will protect you from being tracked by people nearby

Android phone will notify you about intruders via Bluetooth and GPS trackers that are nearby. Find out how to use this new feature on your phone.

Many users have long been wary of using their devices in shopping centers, cafes and other public spaces, knowing that attackers can use the public network to steal their money and confidential information. However, not everyone realizes that in any public place they are also not immune from hacking - through a Bluetooth connection. Especially now that there are devices like AirTag, which are designed to find missing items, but can be used by criminals to break into your device.

However, there is no need to panic. In 2023, Apple and Google began jointly developing a tool to prevent secret surveillance of people using AirTag and GPS trackers. Now this new powerful tool called Unknown Tracker Alerts has been introduced on Android devices. This feature works on devices with OS Android version 6.0 or later

If an AirTag or other Bluetooth or GPS tracker is detected by your phone, the system will send you an alarming notification. By opening it, you will be able to see the route of this tracker on the map, and also play a sound signal on it to determine by the sound where the person who is spying on you is - this feature is called Play Sound. If you can get your hands on a detected tracker, then even more options open up for you - you can disable the tracker after receiving more detailed information about the tracking device. To do this, place it close to the back of your Android device. This way you can find out the serial number of the tracker or even the name of its owner and the last four digits of his phone number. Using this information, you can disable surveillance.

In addition, Google has implemented a manual scanning feature that allows you to scan your surroundings for unknown trackers. For now, this function only works to detect AirTag, but later Google developers promise to add support for other trackers, for example, from Samsung. You can launch a manual search from the  Android's Settings: Safety and Emergency > Unknown Tracker Alerts > Scan now.