These apps supposedly offer an income, but are actually a scam

These apps supposedly offer an income, but are actually a scam

Surely many of you have received messages on how to make big money using special platforms and applications. In reality, it is not that easy to make any money using these apps. Rather impossible.

Have you stopped paying attention to the countless YouTube videos telling you to earn thousands of dollars every day without leaving your couch? Or to similar messages on Telegram or even on your WhatsApp? They suggest using certain apps to make money. You will probably be surprised, but many are engaged in such dubious forms of income. So how can you actually earn something from them and what are the risks of using them?

These types of apps are more often seen on the Google Play Store than on the App Store. The way many of these services work is legal and is based on posting certain jobs that you perform for a fee. The whole trick of their creators is that in order to receive the earned money, you need to go through many stages, and usually the user gets tired of performing all the steps before he gets access to the earned money. When you get tired and stop trying to get your earnings, the funds remain with the creators of the app.

Many of these apps are aimed at collecting information about users in order to obtain sensitive data about their tastes and purchases and even obtain phone numbers. They also use techniques known as phishing, which is a procedure in which criminals trick users into sharing sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers and bank account information. The Google and Apple app stores, as well as social networks and instant messaging services, are increasingly taking action due to the consequences that phishing can cause for their users. For example, WhatsApp has made it possible to quickly block this type of user without having to log into the chat, and Apple, with its two-factor app, prevents such easy access to sensitive information. Apple constantly releases security patches to prevent these attacks from getting through, but in many cases they are gained access from users, and neither Apple nor any company has the ability to fully control them.

Once cybercriminals have access to your information, they can use it to make fraudulent transactions, steal your identity, or even sell your data to other cybercriminals on the black market. Those who are seduced by advertisements about easy earnings may encounter financial, credit and legal problems, which will be extremely difficult to solve. For all these reasons, it is worth avoiding minimal contact with this type of application due to the security and privacy concerns they may cause, as well as to prevent fraud.