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    September 2022

    29 September
    • How to create a recovery CD on Windows 10

      Create a recovery and master CD by burning the contents of the hidden tattoo partition into a CD. There is an established protection system to prevent re-use of OS and driver software on other systems by a hidden tattoo partition on the hard drive that contains a copy of the operating system and device drivers of hardware. If there are problems in burning the hidden partition on the CD, it is possible to retrieve the master CD by paying on the hotline or through some forums. It is important to o

    • Remove VBS virus: manually, with an antivirus

      If you had a virus-type script file that was removed from your hard disk by your antivirus software but is now seeing this message: "Cannot find script file C:\windows\system32\FaAntivirus.vbs" it may be on one or all of your flash drives. What you have is the registry entry that is attempting to start the file. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of this virus permanently.

    23 September
    21 September
    • Protect your personal data: avoid malware, password, VPN

      Nowadays, it is essential to protect your personal information. It is often leaked to advertisers, who send you unnecessary ads and spam but even worse than that, it could also be leaked to hackers. This is far more dangerous for your personal security and confidentiality as well as for your computer safety. In this article, we will guide you through the best precautionary measures to protect your data.

    • What is Joker malware and how to remove it?

      The latest threat to Android devices and the deadly Joker malware is causing havoc with a global reach. Read on to learn more about Joker, how it can affect your device, and what you should do if your phone is infected.

    • How to recover lost or deleted files with Recuva

      Recuva is a tool that allows you to recover files deleted by mistake from the hard disk or any other storage device, such as a memory card or a USB drive. To increase the probability of recovering a file, it is essential not to overwrite anything on the disk or card after the file has been deleted.

    20 September
    • Is your phone listening to you?

      Have you ever had a face to face conversation about something only to open your phone and see an ad for that same object pop up? Coincidence or creepy? Your phone is in fact listening in on your conversations, especially if you have default settings configured. Read on for more information on this and what you can do to prevent it from happening.