Top 7 comedy series on Amazon Prime

Top 7 comedy series on Amazon Prime

From "Fleabag" to "The Boys": here we compiled the list of the funniest series you can watch on Amazon Prime. Read on and choose the next series to watch and laugh about.

The Lake (2022)

"The Lake" is a good mixture of humor, relationship problems, and family challenges that will please kids, adults, and teenagers. The main character, Justin brings Billie (his daughter he gave up for adoption) to the lake where he spent his summers as a child. Here he unexpectedly meets his step-sister Maisy-May (masterfully played by Julia Stiles), and the story begins. Watch "The Lake" on Amazon Prime.

Fairfax (2021)

"So, granny, as I told you, influencers are...". Nothing better than this series to explain the heart of today's culture. "Fairfax" follows a multiracial gang of 13-year-olds whose only goal in life is to achieve prestige on social networks. Amazon's new animated satire mixes niche jokes and a critical look at society (for example, Derica, the girl from the gang, protests against the "milking" of almonds from which almond milk is made...). Also, the series has a tender background about friendship and self-acceptance. If we would take away the place (Los Angeles) and the time (2021), "Fairfax" is still a human story about teenagers running after what "here and now" is considered "cool". Watch "Fairfax" on Amazon Prime.  

The Pursuit of Love (2021)

"The Pursuit of Love" is an adaptation of Nancy Milford's semi-autobiographical novel published in 1945. If the previous adaptations fell too much into drama, this one, brought to the screen by Emily Mortimer, captures her tragicomic style to perfection. British humor is exquisite, clever, and always funny. In this three-episode miniseries, we follow the story of two cousins, friends antagonistic to a fault. Fanny, the narrator, is very polite and well-educated. She admires Linda, who is pure sentiment, pure excess. "Linda laughed a lot... and cried a lot too". The series takes place during the convulsive time of the interwar period, a magnificent backdrop against which the protagonists build feminism, romantic love, friendship, and search for identity. The dialogues, the scenes, and the excellent cast make this series a perfect story with lots of surprises. And we promise you that once you have started watching it, you won't be able to stop until you finish it. Watch "The Pursuit of Love" on Amazon Prime.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" focuses on the Upper West Side housewife and her husband, who wants to become a comedian. Incredibly charming and clever, Midge Maisel helps her husband with his gigs (by bringing the brisket to bribe the comedy club promoter to get a better spot for him) and takes notes during her husband's performance to discuss later and improve. While she shows herself to be the perfect wife and partner in everything, he decides to dump her and their two children. This is where the story of Mrs. Maisel begins, and she goes from being a housewife to the public's favorite comedian. The set of the series, the costumes, and the perfectly recreated New York spirit of the sixties deserve your particular attention. Watch "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Prime

The Boys (2019)

It all starts when Hughie, a shy young man living in a world where there are super-powered individuals working for the Vought, sees how one of these superheroes mistakenly kills his girlfriend. Later, Hughie meets "The Butcher", another superhero who belongs to the group of The Boys. Thanks to "The Butcher", Hughie will manage to turn pain into a rage when he learns that the group of the Seven, the superheroes who work for Vought (the company The Boys want to destroy), are arrogant, dishonest, and borderline psychopathic. The series is based on the comic of the same name and is a satire of superhero stories, told in a cynical way, with trash humor and very violent passages. The good news for our binge-watchers is that there are three seasons. Watch "The Boys" on Amazon Prime.

Fleabag (2016)

"Flea" or "Fleabag" are the best words to describe the personality of the atypical heroine of the series – the protagonist, writer, and director of this story – the incredible Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She loves sex, hates her stepmother, must take care of a child, deal with grief and put up with her perfect sister. One of the series' best scenes (there are so many that it's hard to choose) is when the sister, fed up with her life, wants a new start, but instead of leaving her husband and stepson, she goes to the hairdresser. "Fleabag" talks to the camera, winks at us, and makes us part of what she thinks, and this is one of the great successes of the series. Watch "Fleabag" on Amazon Prime

Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020)

This animated series, part of the "Star Trek" franchise, follows the support crew on the lower decks of Starfleet's most miniature significant ships, the "U.S.S. Cerritos", in the year 2380. The four main characters are Brad, a rule-abiding neurotic whose ultimate aspiration is to become a captain; Mariner, a rebel who has no interest in promotion; D'vana, a geek who is thrilled with her new job; and Sam, an engineer who still hasn't gotten used to his cyborg implant. Despite being a franchise, "Lower Decks" is not a string of references to the parent show but strives to be a comedy in its own right. We see the least glamorous of Starfleet, the ship "Cerritos," and the lowest rung of the pyramid is within it. Here, no peace treaties or accessions to the Federation after a deadly adventure. Here, the dirty work, such as setting up a scrubber on some muddy planet or seeing what happens to those who suffer a malformation. While Lower Decks is far less thoughtful than all the "Star Trek" spin-offs, it has a razor-sharp script and quick, absurdist humor. Watch "Star Trek: Lower Decks" on Amazon Prime.