The 8 best comedy series on Netflix you must watch

The 8 best comedy series on Netflix you must watch

We know many comedy series on Netflix, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose between them. That's why we have made this selection with the eight best comedy series. Check them out!

The Office (2005)

In our opinion, it is the best comedy series of all time. In a pseudo-documentary format, "The Office" follows the daily life of the eccentric workers of Dunder Mifflin, a company that sells paper somewhere in Pennsylvania. Throughout the development of the plot, we will meet different characters such as the unpredictable and eloquent head of the office, Michael Scott, and his eccentric right hand, Dwight Schrute, and we will believe in love again thanks to Jim Halpert, Dunder Mifflin's salesman, and Pam Beesly, secretary of the office. 

If you're wondering what is the reason for the overwhelming success of "The Office"? The answer is undoubtedly Michael Scott, played by the great Steve Carrell. 

Dead to Me (2019)

The series follows Jen (Christina Applegate), a recently widowed woman who isn't as interested in getting over her loss as she is in finding out who killed her husband. Into that context comes Judy (Linda Cardellini), another widow who has a completely different personality. With her optimism and cheerfulness, Judy will help Jen discover who ran over her husband. 

Why is "Dead to Me" worth watching? The chemistry between Applegate and Cardellini is simply fantastic and is the heart of this series that manages to mix comedy and drama in just the right amount. 

The Kominsky Method (2018)

"The Kominsky Method" presents the story of a veteran actor named Sandy (Michael Douglas), who failed to make it in the entertainment industry and now makes a living as an acting teacher. Despite his professional failure, Sandy maintains a friendship with his former agent, Norman, with whom things have been going very well.

This great Netflix series has the virtue of combining emotion, scatology, pain, and a lot of black and ridiculous humor.

Community (2009)

This series was created by Dan Harmon – the great mind behind "Rick and Morty". Its plot revolves around a group of people studying at Greendale, a mediocre community college. Jeffe Winge, a lawyer whose professional degree is invalidated and who is forced to enroll at Greendale to get it back, forms a study group to pass Spanish to seduce his classmate, Britta Perry.

Within the group, we will find Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase), an old racist tycoon, Abed, a young Indian with Asperger's syndrome, Shirley Bennett, a recently divorced woman who wants to start her own business, Annie Edison (Alison Brie), a former Adderall addict and a former student soccer star, Troy Barnes (Donald Glover). Not to mention the hilarious Ken Jeong, who plays the Spanish teacher who, needless to say, does not speak Spanish. 

Arrested Development (2003)

The "Arrested Development" series had to wait seven years for Netflix to acquire its rights and announce the fourth season.

The series shows the conflicts of a dysfunctional family, the Bluths, where the grandfather is arrested for financial problems. In this situation, Michael (Jason Bateman), the son who is left responsible, will have to control that the family does not go under and thus procure a future for his son, Georges Michael, with whom he tries not to repeat his father's mistakes. Jonathan Swift has already said: "When the light of a true genius appears, you can recognize him immediately because all fools join against him".

Sex Education (2019)

"Sex Education" is a teen comedy series that centers on Otis Milburn, a shy young man whose mother is a divorced therapist with a very active sex life and has no taboo about talking about it. Otis' conventional life takes a turn when, thanks to the knowledge gained from listening to his mother's advice to her patients, he helps Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), the bad and rebellious girl at school, to control the situation with a classmate who has taken several Viagra pills.

Following this episode, Maeve proposes to Otis to set up a clandestine clinic within the school to help students with their first sexual experiences. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" revolves around Kimmy, a woman who is freed after spending 15 years kidnapped by a post-apocalyptic cult. To fulfill her dreams, Kimmy decides to move to Manhattan and manages to rent a tiny room in the apartment of Titus Andromedon, an unsuccessful Broadway actor, who will help her get up to speed on technology and pop culture.

Kimmy gets a job as a nanny in the Vorhees' house and strikes up a close relationship (very reminiscent of her abuser's) with the family's mother, Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski). It is worth mentioning that the series was created by the very talented Tina Fey. 

GLOW (2017)

Inspired by the short-lived but memorable 80's series GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), the series tells the story of Ruth (Alison Brie), a failed and out-of-work actress who, tired of wandering through auditions with no results, ends up falling into the casting of a new TV show that nothing is known about.

After all, she discovers that the show is dedicated to women's wrestling. 

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