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So i have an old pc with:
Dual 2 duo e65500
Nvidia geforce 240
3gb ram
Windows 7

One week ago i put my video card in another 3 pc's i wanted to sell but first i wanted to reset the windows and my monitor had only DVI cable so i put my video card in those pc to test them.Those pc turn on but the screen was black so i decided to test them later.The problems is that after i put video card in my computer when it start i need to wait 1 minute when is screen in black, after that windows start normal till "windows starting" apear then nothing just black screen.So i reinstall my windows and it work fine but after i install graphic drivers it happen again.If i restart my windows i can shut down and turn on without problems but when i install nvidia drivers that happen again and again.(black screen after "windows starting").Anyone had the same problem or have any ideea how to fix,i searched a lot but nothing fixed it?If u can help me i will be very thankful.(sorry for my bad english i hope you understand

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There are four possibilities.

1. The video card is not compatible with your system.

2. The video card is defective.

3. You have not properly installed the card.

4. You are not installing the proper driver for your win 7
Davydseby- Sep 9, 2017 at 08:58 AM
I had that video card for 2 years already so it s compatible.
The video card work when i reinstall my windows with 800x600 resolution.
When i install the drivers i need to restart the PC and automatically my resolution is setted at 1080x1920 (my monitor resolution) and that s happen, black screen after windows starting.I have incorporate video card but i unistalled it from computer manager, still do the same.I think is something about resolution since it works fine before i install drivers and my res is 800x600 but i don t know who to fix it.I had the same monitor and the same videocard and the same resolution (1080x1920) before i put in the others pc when all problems strart.
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1080x1920 is much to high.

Was it 1080x1920 on other pc's ?

Have you explored the other three possibilities I have mentioned?
Davydseby- Sep 9, 2017 at 05:44 PM
Video card is proplerly installed and i have drivers from original dvd for windows 7, they worked before.I think is not defect because the cooler from video card is working without any problems.I don t know if the other's pc had 1080x1920 because the monitors remained black when i put my video card in them and i didn't tried anymore.After that i intalled the video card in my pc and that was happen.
I want to mention that i don't know if those 3 pc support 1080x1920, one friend gave them to me to sell them for him, he gave me 5 old pc's and i make with that components 3 pc that turn up, but hadn't vga cable to conect my monitor with their motherbords and that s why i installed my video card in those, to see if it work but in return my own pc stopped work
Also i want to mention that i can open the pc widows but only if i reinstall the windows and if i don't install the graphic drivers it will turn up without problmes but when i install the drivers the problem is still here.
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Well you have given here your own solution:

if i don't install the graphic drivers it will turn up without problmes but when i install the drivers the problem is still here.

So why would you want to install the drivers if it works without them?

Many drivers have already been integrated with Windows 7 and don't need to be updated not down graded.

BTW, there is only one driver for a graphic card not drivers
Davydseby- Sep 9, 2017 at 06:46 PM
Not really because all i have is 800x600, no directx so i can keep it only for internet, i used to play some games and the most important fact is that iinstalled the driver many many times before and it was perfect but im sure that that problem is caused by my mistake to install my video card in unknown pc but i hope i will solve the things tomorrow cause i invited someone to help me.Thank you for your advice and ur time.If i solve the problem i will post the solution cause maybe someone will need it and can see it here.
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