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Google Video Player is a software designed for fans of streaming videos. This tool makes it possible to browse through the online collection of Google Video without visiting the website.

What is Google Video Player?

Google Video Player was a free-to-use video player developed by tech giant Google. It could be used to access videos hosted in Google Video without an internet browser. The Google Video platform was created in 2005, almost a year before the appearance of YouTube. During the first year of its existence, YouTube was considered Google Video's main competitor. In 2006, Google decided to acquire YouTube, and as a result, Google Video slowly started to lose relevance. 

Google Video Player is no longer maintained since 2007. However, you can still download this software in case you are interested in its features. 

What are the key features of Google Video Player?

  • Watch videos: This software allows you to watch videos downloaded from the Google Video platform. You can browse scenes from the video through thumbnails and start watching a video even if it's not entirely downloaded yet. In addition, Google Video Player supports full-screen mode, and you can automatically resume playback right from when you last left off.
  • Create playlists: You can create custom playlists by selecting your favorite videos. This way, you can group clips into categories based on their topic, themes, etc.
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How does Google Video Player work?

The videos on Google Video's servers will be displayed in an explorer window (as if they were files on your computer) with all the necessary information like the title, type, duration, date, etc. You can watch the videos with your browser, and you can also download them directly to your hard drive as AVI, MP4 for iPod, or MP4 for PSP.

Is it free?

Yes, Google offers this video hosting service completely free of charge.

Is it safe?

Google Video Player is considered a safe program, and no malware has been detected so far.

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