Delete AR cheats from pokemon pearl [Closed]

Ask a question Smartypants - Last answered on Apr 21, 2010 at 08:05 AM by izze96 the code and computer master. :)

How can I delete AR ds cheats from my poke'mon pearl? My 13-year-old brother put cheats on it. They are unlimited cash and completed national pokedex. I DO NOT LIKE CHEATING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to beat the game without cheating!!!!!!!!!! Now I can't do ANYTHING on it now!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me how so I can play it again???????????????????? :-(
plus moins
you can't remove it from the game now.
but if you using ar codes you can plug it in the computer and remove all codes.
i can just do it on cheat code editor.
i have r4dsi revolution.

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