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  • Developer WEEDle
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Pokémon Xenoverse, also known as Xenoverse: Per Aspera Ad Astra (which means Xenoverse: Through Difficulties to the Stars in English) is a Pokémon fan game developed and released in 2020 by an Italian team called Team WEEDle in RPG Maker. In this Pokémon adventure, you will discover a brand-new world with its own authentic story, a unique visual and narrative atmosphere, and innovative features.


The story takes place in the region of Eldiw. Your adventure begins during your childhood when your father is attacked by an unknown force, asks you to protect your family with one of the three available Pokémon, and then disappears. Your journey to find your father will lead you to more global and complex issues, such as interdimensional rifts that have begun to happen more and more frequently, the X species that threaten to invade Eldiw, or the Xenoverse Eclipse. The thing is, will you succeed in maintaining the balance between the Xenoverse and the Earth?


  • A great story: The game offers a well-written story, and the tone is really different from the other official and fan-made Pokémon titles. Both the story and the events are well-paced, you will be surprised that your starter Pokémon are linked to the story and how it changes form. The narrative has been designed to surprise you in all possible ways. Even though the story is more dramatic, it is still appropriate for both adults and the age group of Pokémon games.
  • Explore the vast world: Up to 14 different cities await you to be discovered, each one of them has a specific atmosphere, fauna, and flora, and a dedicated well-written narrative that will make you feel more engaged like in JRPG games. Lots of different places also have to be discovered, including forests, islands, ancient temples, and many more, you will be delighted.
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  • Starters: Discover the 3 new Pokémon starters featuring Shyleon, the leafy grass-fairy Pokémon, Trishout, the volcanic fire-sound Pokémon, and Shulong, the aquatic water-dragon Pokémon.
  • Lots of new Pokémon: Xenoverse Pokédex contains more than 463 Pokémon, with 29 new Pokémon from the X species, 269 new Pokémon, and 165 retro Pokémon.
  • The legendary Pokémon: Capture all the legendary Pokémon of the Pokémon series titles including Luxflon, Dielebi, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Deoxys, Heatran, Cresselia, Darkrai, Genesect, Marshadow, MegaRaikou, MegaEntei, and MegaSuicune.
  • A new Pokémon type: Pokémon Xenoverse introduces a brand-new Pokémon type that can also be part of a mixed type: the Sound type.
  • The X species: The X species Pokémon come from another dimension and can be listed in the XenoDex. The Xenoverse universe contains over 20 new Xenoverse Pokémon.
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  • PokeDex, XenoDex, RetroDex: You will use 3 types of Dex included in the Pokédex, the Eldiw regional Pokédex, the XenoDex, and the RetroDex. The Eldiw regional Pokédex lists all the new Pokémon that live in Eldiw, the XenoDex lists all the Pokémon from the Xenoverse dimension, and the RetroDex lists all the Pokémon from the previous generations with a retro graphic style.
  • Lots of objectives: In your PokeWES, you will be able to consult all the available objectives. By completing most of them you will obtain the Platinum Xenoverse. The objectives will be unlocked if you capture at least the first 389 Pokémon on the list.
  • Handy Porygon Center: Thanks to this portable Pokémon center, you will be able to heal your Pokémon or use the Storage System whenever you want.
  • Evolution: There are several ways to make your Pokémon evolve, some of them will evolve once they reach a specific level, but others will evolve in a specific form only under certain conditions, including if they level up with enough affection, if they hold a tool, if they level up in a given place, if they know a move, or if they hold an evolutionary stone. There are plenty of Pokémon evolutions to discover.
  • New PokeWES: Remember HM slaves, those Pokémon dedicated to knowing specific HMs to let you fly or surf? It is over with the new Wide Exploration System.
  • Much more to discover: I will let you discover all the remaining features and surprises the game offers you, the team has produced an amazing amount of work, and it deserves to be experienced. Last words, just to tease you, brand new mega evolutions, mini-games, festivity events, rich post-game.
  • More to come: Even though the game has been released, the team seems to keep working on it and adding more content over time.
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Graphics and sound

The team WEEDle did an amazing job on graphics, resulting in a beautiful, coherent, and unique world with a Game Boy Advance graphics look. The game uses a combination of assets pulled from various official Pokémon titles and assets produced by the developing team itself. The most amazing thing is that the result is seamless. The game uses 6th-generation sprites for character portraits for the characters you encounter and for the menu art of the Pokémon outside of battle. It also uses 5th-generation sprites for the overworld and animated battle sprites. Last but not least, the developers have created a dedicated soundtrack from scratch which is just marvelous.

Duration and game modes

As a solo adventure, the main quest lasts approximately 25-30 hours, if you strive to see all aspects of the game you will certainly spend more than 80 hours. Even though there are no specific game modes, the game offers lots of diversified content and missions.

What do the reviews say?

Pokémon Xenoverse is considered a miracle, the developer team did an amazing job, and it resulted in an innovative, beautiful, and versatile Pokémon game.

Age rating

There is no official age rating, but you could consider it would have been rated 7+ like other Pokémon games.

How to install and play Pokémon Xenoverse?

  1. It is simple, just execute the file we provide you and you’re ready to play.
  2. If you want to change the screen size, you just need to enter the menu and go to the “Option” command, then select the desired screen size, and finally press the S key (there is no way to play in full-screen mode).

If you have any font-related issues, the developers recommend:

  1. Launch the game as an administrator, to do that, click on the game icon with the mouse’s right button and click on “Run as administrator”.
  2. After that, any font-related issue message should only appear once and will not appear later.


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