Stronghold Crusader cheats and tips: unlimited money, codes

Stronghold Crusader cheats and tips: unlimited money, codes

Stronghold Crusader is PC strategy game that takes you to ancient Arabian lands full of castles and warriors. Like most games, there is a range of Stronghold cheats that can add an extra dimension to your gameplay. In this article we have compiled a list of all the Stronghold Crusader HD cheats, as well as some tips for its sequel, Stronghold Crusader II.

Stronghold: Crusader (2002) and Stronghold: Crusader II (2014) are parts of a real-time strategy saga about the world of knights that take us from medieval England to the Middle East during the Crusades. Here you fight enemy armies, build and besiege fortresses, develop oases, find allies and conduct various campaigns and single missions. You can create a Templar kingdom in your own right during the First, Second or Third Crusades, intrigue and take part in the famous battles in the desert and the siege of Antioch, Krak des Chevaliers and Jerusalem.

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How to cheat in the original Stronghold Crusader?

First, open the enable cheat mode by going to the main menu, pressing and holding the CTRL key, and typing TRIBLADE2002.

While playing, enter any of the following Stronghold Crusader cheat codes for enhanced gameplay 

  • ALT + C unlocks all missions
  • ALT + K lets you build for free
  • ALT + X increases your gold by 1000
  • ALT + Z will destroy any enemy you select
  • ALT + G will destroy the main stronghold
  • ALT + D launch the debug mode
  • ALT + P upgrade to another level
  • ALT + F get upgrades and purchases for free
  • ALT + S shift time
  • ALT + Q launch time compression
  • ALT + Y get rid of all enemies on the screen
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Stronghold Crusader II tips

Stronghold Crusader II, released in 2014, introduced a 3D graphics engine and a number of other innovations, including a cooperative multiplayer mode. An important difference from the first game also lies in the fact that cheat codes do not work here, which, unfortunately, limits the possibilities of players. 

We will give you some tips to help you be successful in the game. You will find a lot of skirmishes and battles in the game, but keep in mind that whoever is a good manager of his kingdom wins in this game. Take care of your oases and wells, make gold reserves, also think about the availability of your reserves and mines, and that it is convenient and fast to deliver supplies and products, in a word, a lot depends on the right logistics. Develop the production of bread so that your peasants are fed, but do not forget about ale.

Build solid stocks of gold, ale and weapons - you will need them in order to assemble a strong army. Build thick walls and make sure your Lord is always protected!

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