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I have a non wireless computer a Dell about 4 years old would like to connect my lexmark wireless printer to it without the use of usb lead connection [the current set up]
Reason would like to postion printer in another part of room for more space and so would like a wireless connection from printer to computer.
thanks Tully
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To be able to set up wireless printer configuration, there are three basic items that you need to have. They are a high-speed broadband Internet connection (with modem), a high speed wireless router and wireless network adaptors. These three items will be used in setting up the wireless printer. Assuming that there is already an existing network in the home or office space, then all that is needed to do to make the printer available in the network through the operating system's networking wizard. If not, then the network must first be established, only then the printer will be made available through that network.
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You will need to buy a wireless adapter for the Dell. You can get either an internal card the requires you to open the case and install it or a USB wireless adapter that can be inserted into a front or rear USB port. You will need to install software for either type of adapter and you may also need to re-install the printer software.

Good Luck

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