Connect to railway WiFi: mobile, laptop, station, free

Connect to railway WiFi: mobile, laptop, station, free

Being able to stay connected whilst travelling on public transport is important. Across the world rail infrastructure now include WiFi. This article will show you how to connect to free WiFI on UK trains, Amtrak trains in the US and also connect to WiFi in Indian railway stations. These WiFi networks will allow you to connect with both mobiles or laptops.

How to connect WiFi on UK trains?

WiFi is becoming more and more common onboard train services in the UK especially on long distance inter-city routes. You can find a full list of all of the UK rail services that offer onboard WiFi on the National Rail website. WiFi isn't offered on London Underground or Overground trains, however the majority of Underground and Overground stations have free WiFi in the ticket halls, platforms and corridors. Some of these WiFi services are reliant on a 4G connection, so if the train has difficulty connecting to the 4G network, the onboard WiFi may cease to function. 

Is there WiFi on Amtrak trains?

Yes, most Amtrak trains and almost all Amtrak stations have WiFi, especially the long distance routes. However, not all trains have WiFi and train services affected by budgets cuts have had to remove their routers. To connect to Amtrak WiFi, look for the Amtrak_Wifi network. Once you have found it, open or refresh your browser and you should see the Amtrak welcome screen where you can agree to the terms of use. After you have validated them, you will then be connected to the internet. 

How to connect to free WiFi at Indian railway stations?

To connect to the network at Indian Railways stations, turn on phone's WiFi, search for Available Networks, and select Railwire Network. Next, Railwire website's homepage will appear on your phone’s screen:

Next, enter your Mobile Number and click Receive SMS to receive your one-time password (OTP) by text message. Enter the OTP in the box provided and connect to the free high-speed internet.

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