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Im a complete green at excell, maybe i just dont understand how the if statement work or im not that smart as i think :P

The thing i want to do is as followed: if A1 is Bigger then A2 Then replace A2 with A1

My formula: =IF(A1>A2;A1;A2)

I pasted this forumla at A2

if A1 is set to 300 then A2 still shows 0

The function i want to mimic is to store the highest value in A1 in A2.

Always greatful for answers!

With kind regards Kotten.
plus moins
Hello Kotten,

Excel won't allow you to place a result formula in a reference cell which is referenced in the result formula. You'll receive a "circular reference" error message and the result will always be 0.

Hence, you will need to place your formula in A3 or B3.


I assume that you realise that the formula you have will give you the value of A2 if A1 is less than A2.

Thus, I would say that the following adjusted formula may be what you would need:-


I hope that this helps.

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