Mark sheet grade formula in Excel: template

Mark sheet grade formula in Excel: template

Mathematical and logical operations can be performed on a Microsoft Excel workbook with the help of formulas. One of the most common uses of Excel is to compare rows of data by using an IF statement. When applied, this function can be used in an array of professional situations, from finding errors in extensive company financial statements to preparing student grades from marks.

To grade using Excel:

Let's take an example whereby a teacher needs to grade each student with a certain letter that corresponds to the numeric value received on an exam. All number grades are input into column A, and all letter equivalents need to be quickly calculated and shown in column B. The grading scale is as follows:


Using this information, we can build a compound IF function to find the correct letter associated with the grade:


In this formula, you will notice that every letter grade is associated with a condition that accounts for each range of numbers. The FALSE value is A, meaning that if none of the criteria in the equation are met, the student should be given an "A".

Note that the cell reference and condition may be tweaked to suit specific ranges as well as cell areas.

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