Renaming multiple sheets in a workbook

Ask a question rev - Last answered on May 19, 2017 at 08:13 AM by vcoolio
I have workbook with more than 50 sheets.. I would like to rename all sheets with workbook name. Something like workbook.sheet1,workbook.sheet 2 ....I just want the name of the workbook in the sheets name.. kindly help me to rename the sheets.. I tried manual method and vb codes but it is not working out. I am new to vb macros and thus I was not successful. Please help me to solve this issue.

plus moins
Hello Rev,

Have a look at the following link:-

If you want to add the workbook name, you'll only need to adjust this line:-
Sheets(iSheetCount).Name = iSheetCount

For example, if your workbook is named Fred, then alter the line as follows:-
Sheets(iSheetCount).Name = "Fred, Sheet" & iSheetCount

Your worksheet tabs should then look like this:-

"Fred, Sheet1", "Fred, Sheet2" etc......

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