The latest Google update gives it access to your private files, here's how to disable it!

The latest Google update gives it access to your private files, here's how to disable it!

The upcoming Google update will allow Google Bard, the language-based AI counterpart to ChatGPT, to delve into your private files. Here's the method you can use to avoid it.

Google Bard has taken a remarkable step in enhancing its ability to assist users. Previously limited to fetching information from the internet, Bard will be able to scan your Google account to help manage your personal information, as reported by Ekstra Bladet.

This latest integration allows you to request Bard to summarize your emails or highlight key points in your saved documents in Google Docs. But Bard doesn't stop there. Google has also announced that this chatbot will connect with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flight. This means the program can retrieve information about a landmark directly from Google Maps or find YouTube videos on a specific topic.

Jack Krawczyk, one of the individuals responsible for Bard, explains, "We're starting with this as an experiment because it's the first time a language model has become so integrated with people's personal information. It's important to us that we get it right."

While this move toward a more personalized digital assistant may raise privacy concerns, Google assures users that their personal data will not be used to train or improve Bard, and it will not be viewed by humans. The integration will also not occur automatically; Google will ask users for permission to link Bard with Gmail, Docs, and Drive, and it can always be disabled.

The question now is how users will react to this experiment. While some may see it as a convenient way to get tailored assistance for their digital lives, others may have concerns about how their personal information is used. However, Google emphasizes that Bard's ability to access personal data is not a default setting in the program's coding, and it can be easily disabled. If users find that Bard has access to files or devices they don't want, they can simply request it to no longer have access. Bard will then respect this decision and not intrude into private cyber areas without the user's permission.

You can also choose to delete your Bard activity from your Google Account if you use it. You can both manually and automatically delete activity, and Google will immediately begin to remove it from the product and their systems. At first it will immediately be removed from view, and then Google will safely and completely delete the data from their storage systems.