WhatsApp multiple accounts on one phone: the new feature you've been waiting for is here!

WhatsApp multiple accounts on one phone: the new feature you've been waiting for is here!

One of the most long-awaited features finally arrives on WhatsApp: the ability to use multiple accounts on the same device. This should greatly simplify day-to-day messaging! Here's everything you need to know.

WhatsApp is finally rolling out the feature that will allow users to activate a second account on the application from the same smartphone, as Meta has announced in a blog post. Until now, the instant messaging service only allowed one account per device. This was a real problem for users who might have wanted to keep their personal and professional lives separate, while maintaining a single device to avoid, for example, mixing up conversations or appearing connected when they didn't want to be disturbed. In other words, this multi-account function, available since June in the beta version of WhatsApp Business on Android, was eagerly awaited by the general public. Please note, that certain conditions must be met before you can take advantage of it.

WhatsApp multiple accounts: simplified management from a single device

Until now, managing two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone was possible, but restrictive. To do so, you had to use WhatsApp for one account and WhatsApp Business for the second one or duplicate the application, which is allowed on most Android devices that accept multi-SIM or eSIM. In other words, it wasn't very handy to switch between accounts. Otherwise, you had to use workarounds like Dual Messenger or Secure Folder.

With the new feature, a simple menu lets you set up multiple WhatsApp accounts, which are stored on the device until you decide to log out. Practical for preserving privacy, efficiently managing notifications, and switching from one account to another without having to use parallel applications.

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Although the function is called multi-account, for the moment you can only add a single second account. What's more, since you absolutely need a phone number to create one, you'll need to be equipped with a smartphone that supports dual SIM to receive the one-time passcode sent by WhatsApp. Once this initial verification is complete, the app will function seamlessly for both accounts, no longer necessitating the second device or SIM.

To add an account, go to WhatsApp, open Settings, press the arrow to the right of your name, and select Add Account. All that's left to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

This new feature comes at a time when Meta is orienting its instant messaging towards a more "social network" side, notably with its news channels feature. The company is also working on enabling screen sharing, as well as replacing phone numbers with nicknames and replacing passwords with access keys to reinforce security and user data protection. We can only hope that this multi-account support will extend to companion devices linked to the main phone.