WhatsApp: Pretend you're in "Mission Impossible" thanks to this new feature!

WhatsApp: Pretend you're in "Mission Impossible" thanks to this new feature!

This message will self-destruct in seconds. Just like in "Mission Impossible", you can now send a voice message that will automatically delete itself once it has been listened to, thanks to a new WhatsApp feature!

WhatsApp is constantly coming up with new features to make its services even better. After the ability to send photos in their original (uncompressed) format and the addition of a second account within the same application, it's now the turn of voice messages to benefit from a new development. Meta's famous instant messaging application now lets you send a single-read voice message. This a feature that is sure to please "Mission Impossible" fans, since, like the mythical introductions to the series and the films, the voice note automatically self-destructs once it has been read, or almost.

Beyond the fun of this feature, everyone gains in confidentiality. With this ephemeral voice message, the sender can be sure that it will not be recorded or listened to by eavesdroppers. As for the recipient of the message, they can count on the discretion of the voice message addressed to them, since no one will be able to listen to the message afterward. Handy when plotting to organize a surprise party or share secrets. This is in addition to the less flexible option of sending ephemeral messages, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours, 7, or 90 days.

How to enable voice self-destruction in WhatsApp

The option to send self-destructing voice messages is already available in WhatsApp, on both Android and iOS.

  • To access it, open a chat. Press the microphone icon to the right of the text input field, then slide it up to record your message. When you've finished speaking, press the Pause button.
  • Then press the icon flanked by the number 1 to the right of the message. Confirm with OK in the window that appears.
WhatsApp self-destructive voice message
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  • All that remains is to send the recording as you would any other message.
  • Single View mode is now activated. If your correspondent closes the message after reading it, they will no longer have access to it, as the recording will be automatically deleted.

Note that the message self-destructs when playback is complete and you return to the chat window. But as long as it remains on the screen in playback mode, you can listen to it as many times as you like. WhatsApp also states that unread messages remain accessible to the recipient for 14 days, as they remain on Meta's servers. After that, they will be systematically deleted. Furthermore, you cannot forward, save, mark as important, or share voice messages that have been sent or received with the single listen option enabled. These are exactly the same rules as for single-view photos and videos. All these messages are designed to be read only once before self-destruction... just like in "Mission Impossible"!