This is the trick you should use to finally make Apple Music give really good recommendations!

This is the trick you should use to finally make Apple Music give really good recommendations!

Everyone knows that Apple Music is not the best app when it comes to giving recommendations and finding songs relevant to your taste. However, there are a few tricks to make the app recommend the best songs. Read on to find out.

We've learned different tricks to fine-tune the Apple Music app's song recommendations. These techniques not only help the app suggest tracks you already love but also expose you to new genres. In this article, we'll share the most effective tricks that have enhanced Apple Music's song suggestions.

Apple Music's recommendation algorithm has seen significant improvements, especially with the latest iOS 17 update. While the app does grasp your preferences, it needs your input to tailor its suggestions. Without sharing your musical tastes, the platform can't provide fitting content. Therefore, it's crucial to explore different features within the interface to maximize its potential. 

How to make Apple Music recommend music that you'll actually like

  • Favorite Artists

On the artist's page, find the star icon at the top right corner and select it. This action adds the artist to your favorites, signaling to Apple Music that you like their music or genre. The more artists you mark as favorites, the more accurate and personalized your recommendations become.

  • Favorite Songs

Similar to artists, mark specific songs as favorites by clicking on the "..." button next to the title. Choose the "Create station" option to generate a playlist with songs similar to the one you liked. What Apple Music will do is create a loop with songs that are similar to the song you like.

  • Library Interaction

Regularly add your favorite songs to the library. This step helps refine the AI's understanding of your preferences and influences future recommendations. Do it regularly to make sure your library reflects your evolving tastes.

  • Playlist Building

When creating playlists, be intentional about adding songs you genuinely enjoy. The more specific the genre or style, the more accurate the algorithm's recommendations will be within that playlist.

  • AI Suggestions and Feedback

In the case of lists, as we add songs, we will also have personalized recommendations based on the music we have already played. The more specific the genre or style of the songs we have in the same list, the more precise the algorithm's recommendations will be. As you continue these interactions, Apple Music's algorithm will respond with suggestions. Keep an eye out for a gray dot next to songs you haven't heard yet. This indicates an AI-generated suggestion based on your preferences.

While the system isn't perfect, your active participation and feedback enhance its accuracy over time. Pay attention to the gray dots as potential musical discoveries, and don't hesitate to add suggested songs to your library if they resonate with your taste. As you consistently engage with the platform, Apple Music becomes a more tailored and enjoyable music discovery tool.