Tesla's resale blacklist: Cybertruck orders cancelled over violations

Tesla's resale blacklist: Cybertruck orders cancelled over violations

Tesla has initiated the practice of scrutinizing online marketplaces for advertisements featuring its Cybertruck electric pickup trucks. Consequently, the company has started canceling pre-orders that violate the stipulation prohibiting resale within one year of purchase.

The Tesla Cybertruck has surged in popularity since its unveiling, and a lot of fans have preordered the car on the website. However, there was a scandalous amount of resale attempts, and now Tesla is clamping down on resale violations, leading to the cancellation of Cybertruck orders. The electric car maker is closely monitoring online marketplaces for listings of its sought-after Cybertruck electric pickup trucks. Any pre-orders found breaking the rule against resale within one year of purchase are promptly canceled.

This strict action follows Tesla's introduction of contractual clauses expressly prohibiting the resale of Cybertrucks for a specified period after purchase. In the Tesla's terms & conditions, it is stated that "Tesla and its affiliates sell cars directly to end-consumers, and we may unilaterally cancel any order that we believe has been made with a view toward resale of the Vehicle or that has otherwise been made in bad faith, and we'll keep your Order Fee, Order Deposit and Transportation Fee". The company has issued stern warnings of potential legal consequences, including demands for damages exceeding $50,000 for breaches of this clause.

In cases where owners need to sell their Cybertrucks, Tesla requires written authorization for the transaction and has the first right of refusal. These measures aim to prevent the exploitation of limited production runs by resellers.

While Tesla initially imposed strict resale restrictions, it later removed the clause from the Cybertruck purchase agreement, effectively lifting the ban on reselling within the first year.

Cybertruck has already been sold at auctions for $200 thousand. One of the copies was purchased by Ford, probably for comparative analysis. The automaker paid $250 thousand for the Cybertruck.

Reports indicate Tesla contacting owners of listed Cybertrucks, canceling two reservations, and promptly refunding deposits, underscoring its seriousness about resale violations: "Haven't even sold yet. Just listed it. Loss and Prevention flagged me and Store Leader reached out to let me know they cancelled my other reservations." wrote one of the users of the CyberTruck owners club forum.

A lot of users wonder why Tesla is letting customers reserve the Cybertruck by the dozens, and not by only one per person. Interestingly, you can pre-order your CyberTruck for just a $250 order fee.

As Tesla's policy evolves, questions arise about the complex dynamics between manufacturers, buyers, and resellers in the electric vehicle market.