These Are the Three Fruits That Make You Gain Weight According to Experts

These Are the Three Fruits That Make You Gain Weight According to Experts

Should you avoid eating fruit if you are concerned about weight gain? Nutritionists are now warning that these three fruits could cause you to gain weight.

In a study in 2022 it was established that nearly 3 billion people worldwide are either overweight or obese. Both people's lifestyles and diets are having a negative impact on their health. Nutritionists are working hard to encourage positive eating habits, and educate the public on to what foods to avoid, and which foods are surprisingly bad for you.

In a recent interview, nutritionist Mihaela Bilic revealed which fruits you should avoid if you are concerned about your weight and it is quite surprising. She explained that the three fruits that make you gain weight are "cherries... alongside watermelons and grapes." She also raised her concerns about outdated nutritional thinking, stating that "Nutrition books do not change as rapidly as genetic engineering and everything related to the food industry."

Cherries, although being nutritious, can contribute to weight gain if consumed excessively. As they are both naturally sweet and calorie dense, they can lead to overconsumption, and an excessive calorie intake. Cherries are also low in fiber and don't make you feel as full after eating them, which could lead you to eat more than you otherwise would.

Watermelon can also contribute to weight gain. We tend to each larger portions of watermelon, and it is through this we are exposed to high levels of fructose. This is the sugar that is found in fruit, and whilst it doesn't directly raise blood sugar levels, it has the same calorie count as sugar (four calories per gram). If you consume over 10 grams of fructose per day, the liver will convert it into fat.

There's a subtle difference between red and yellow varieties. Yellow watermelon contains three times more fiber than its red counterpart, resulting in slower fructose absorption. This makes yellow watermelon a better option for those mindful of their silhouette. Additionally, in watermelon, there is a high quantity of water, which can lead to added water weight. Finally there are grapes, they contain high levels of natural sugars, which can lead to weight gain if consumed in excess.

Not all fruits are created equal; those high in fiber, such as strawberries with their special pectin fibers that swell in water, play a crucial role in slowing down fructose absorption. This fiber content acts as a natural antidote to the sugar content in fruits. Strawberries are particularly silhouette-friendly and are even rumored to have aphrodisiac effects.