Helio Ring: Amazfit's Smart Ring Finally Hits Stores

Helio Ring: Amazfit's Smart Ring Finally Hits Stores

After being announced at CES 2024, the Helio Ring is finally available to buy.

Amazfit is moving into the US market with its highly anticipated Helio Ring, marking the company's first iteration of its smart ring technology. It was initially unveiled during CES 2024 and was one of the shows standouts.

The wearable Helio Ring is designed to complement the company's fitness trackers and tracks vital metrics such as heart rate, sleep patterns, electrodermal activity, blood oxygen levels, and stress levels.

To improve sleep patterns, it is capabable of analyzing the body's responses while ambient noises play from the user's phone during sleep. Based on these physiological cues, the app then adjusts the sounds to optimize sleep quality, promoting a more restful experience.

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The device is made from a titanium alloy, and has a slim profile of 2.6mm thick and weighs less than 4 grams. You will quickly forget you are wearing it.  It also has a water resistance rating of up to 10 ATM, so users can confidently wear it all day without any risks. 

The Helio Ring offers American consumers two size variants to choose from.Available in sizes 10 and 12, users can opt to purchase the Helio Ring individually or as part of bundles that include Amazfit's smartwatches. This strategy positions the Helio Ring as a direct competitor to Samsung's Galaxy Ring, and the Oura Ring, offering flexibility in purchasing options.

Among the bundled offerings, customers can acquire the Helio Ring alongside models such as the T-Rex Ultra, priced at approximately $399. Alternatively, options like the Falcon ($499) and the Cheetah Pro ($299) provide varying features at different price points, with a notable $150 discount available.

For those opting for individual purchases, the Helio Ring is priced at $299.99. Highlighted features include sleep monitoring, physical and mental health tracking, stress level monitoring, and blood oxygenation tracking. Both size variants promise a four-day battery life, with charging taking approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Amazfit's strategic approach relies on its established presence in the smartwatch market. By offering the Helio Ring alongside its existing smartwatch ecosystem, Amazfit aims to enhance user experience and expand its market reach. Initially launching in the United States with deliveries commencing on May 15th, Amazfit plans to extend availability to other countries in the near future, so watch this space!