The Flight Attendants Don't Say Hello at Takeoff Out of Politeness - The Real Reason Has Been Revealed

The Flight Attendants Don't Say Hello at Takeoff Out of Politeness - The Real Reason Has Been Revealed

A flight attendant unveiled the explanation behind greeting passengers on board. This practice enables them to discern passengers who may be in distress, intoxicated, or potentially helpful in case of emergencies.

The process of boarding a flight evokes a spectrum of emotions—excitement, anxiety, and anticipation. Flight attendants are trained to recognize these emotions and see if someone doesn't feel well when boarding the flight: physically or mentally. For example, flying while sick or intoxicated poses health risks, potentially causing disruptions and compromising safety. Someone panicking needs some reassurance. 

A flight attendant employed by the Hungarian airline Wizz Air, recently disclosed the hidden motives behind flight attendants' greetings as passengers board the plane. In an interview with a British newspaper, Rania revealed that the airline's crew is tasked with greeting each passenger upon boarding to evaluate their suitability for the flight.

They are trained to identify individuals who could assist in emergencies, looking for those who are ideally traveling solo, without mobility issues, fluent in English or the local language, and physically able to operate emergency exits. In cases where no passenger fully meets these criteria, flight attendants must select those they deem most suitable for assistance.

So, flight attendants play a pivotal role in air travel. Beyond serving refreshments and ensuring safety, they embody a sense of security and familiarity amidst the unfamiliarity of air travel. Their presence provides comfort and assurance, especially during turbulent times—both figuratively and literally.

And expressing gratitude to the flight attendants isn't merely about recognizing the services provided; it's about acknowledging the humanity behind those services. Offering thanks acknowledges this shared experience and underscores the mutual respect between passengers and crew.

So, the next time you find yourself boarding a flight, you will know why it is so important for flight attendants to greet everyone boarding the flight. And don't forget to take a moment to express gratitude to the flight attendants after you've landed. This is not the easiest job in the world and it requires some courage and devotion.