Gemini Added to Gmail: AI Is Finally Here to Assist You

Gemini Added to Gmail: AI Is Finally Here to Assist You

Google is rolling out Gemini in Gmail! This AI will save you time by summarizing emails and helping draft responses. However, not everyone will have access to it.

In the race to lead the generative AI market, Google is focusing on its Gemini AI, which it plans to integrate across all its services. Gemini Pro, one of Google's most powerful language models, helps users with tasks like writing texts, planning events, generating images, summarizing documents, writing emails, and saving time while browsing. Eventually, Gemini aims to replace Google Assistant. Google is gradually implementing this AI in various services, and Gmail is the latest to benefit.

In a blog post, Google announced the gradual rollout of Gemini across several key applications, including the web version of Gmail, after a long beta phase. "We are excited to announce the general availability of Gemini in the Gmail side panel," they stated, aiming to boost user productivity.

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In its Pro 1.5 version, Gemini is installed in a side panel on the right of Gmail. It can summarize email threads and search for information within emails and Google Drive files. For example, it can find Amazon order confirmations, locate specific order numbers, or identify the next team meeting location. The chatbot can also suggest responses based on user prompts, which can then be edited.

Google also plans to integrate Gemini into the mobile Gmail app on Android and iOS. The chatbot will summarize long email threads and highlight key points, which is particularly useful on the go or when time is limited. Additional features like contextual smart replies will soon be available on mobile.

Gemini will also be integrated into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive to assist with tasks such as writing documents, organizing data, and creating presentations. However, these features are not free. They are reserved for users with a Gemini Business Enterprise, Education, or Education Premium add-on, or a paid Google One AI Premium subscription.

This subscription costs $19.99 per month and includes 2 TB of storage, along with usual Google One benefits like VPN, extra features in Google Photos, longer calls in Google Meet, and Gemini integration in Gmail and the Google app suite.