Cats Are Smarter Than All Current AI, but That Could Change

Cats Are Smarter Than All Current AI, but That Could Change

The CEO of Google DeepMind compared the IQ of current AI to that of a house cat. Do you know what he found out?

The show must go on. Some experts predict that AI could surpass human intelligence within the next five years, which deeply concerns many individuals worried about job security and the potential for machines to dominate various aspects of our society.

A senior Google executive tried to reassure us that AI is still far from reaching human levels. He made a compelling analogy, comparing the IQ of modern AI systems to that of house cats.

Demis Hassabis, one of the founders and the director of Google DeepMind — a department of the company that develops AI models — shared his vision of artificial intelligence prospects in a public dialogue with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during a technology conference.

He said that in terms of AI development, "we're not even at the level of a cat yet." According to Hassabis, although modern AI can perform tasks such as writing, drawing, or composing music in a way that makes them seem human-like, the average domestic cat still exhibits a higher overall IQ. He admitted that "we're still a long way from human intelligence across the board," but he also expressed the opinion that AI is already performing better than humans in some areas, such as gaming.

Hassabis emphasizes that in his comparison to the cat, he is referring to AGI and not specific varieties of artificial intelligence. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the broadest type of AI that aims to match human capabilities, as opposed to narrow AI types built to solve specific problems.

Speaking about the future of AGI, Hassabis argues that its impact on progress can be compared to the Industrial Revolution, the use of fire, or the discovery of electricity. He envisions AI playing a key role in accelerating scientific advances in many areas, from energy and healthcare to our response to climate change.  

Who would have imagined comparing cats and AI? As we think about the future of artificial intelligence, this unexpected comparison reminds us of how technology can surprise us. It also shows why we should carefully think about where it's headed.