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    September 2021

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    • 10 tips on becoming an Instagram Influencer

      The amount of Instagram Influencers has grown rapidly over recent years. If you dream of becoming an influencer, perhaps to reach more people with your content or to earn money, this article will explain how to become an Instagram Influencer and how to get more followers.

    • Instagram blue badge: requirements, verification, free

      Being able to request this badge was reserved for, until not so long ago, a privileged few. It is now available to all users with either a business account or a personal account. In this article we will show you the requirements for requesting a badge and how to get verified on Instagram.

    • Instagram fonts: generator, for bio, 2021, free

      If you're a regular on Instagram, you might have noticed some users using exciting new fonts. By default, Instagram offers one font across the application. However, if you also want to spice up your page with new fonts, there are a few ways. Here we'll show you several options to use different IG fonts.

    • Contact Instagram support: directly, email, number

      Your Instagram account can sometimes give you problems, for example, you may be unable to connect or your account could be suspended. In this article we explain how to contact the Instagram Customer Service to get an answer as soon as possible.

    • See who viewed your Instagram: story, profile, post

      Do you ever wonder who is actually looking at the photos that you share on Instagram? In this article we will show you if it is possible to see who has viewed your Instagram profile, stories and posts.

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    • Create IGTV: video, Instagram, account, channel

      IGTV (Instagram TV) was launched in 2018 as the platform celebrated reaching 1 billion users. Since then, Instagram has become a great marketing platform for a variety of companies who promote their products via IGTV. This article explain what IGTV is, how to create an IGTV channel and add a video.

    • Repost Instagram Stories: app, to your story, not working

      Instagram allows you to easily repost stories where you have been mentioned directly from the app. However, reposting a story where you haven't been mentioned is also possible, although you will need to use a third-party app. Check out this article for instructions.

    • Block Instagram tags: captions, comments, stories

      If you don't want other Instagram users to tag you in their posts, captions or stories without your consent, don't worry, you can control this feature. You just need to activate the manual tagging option and in this article, we'll show you how to do it.

    • Download Instagram Stories: app, Chrome extension

      It's happened to us all, while flicking through Instagram stories you come across one that catches your attention and that you'd like to keep for future reference. In this article, we're going to show you how to download Instagram stories to your smartphone or computer.

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