Apple has announced an iPad event in May, here's what to expect!

Apple has announced an iPad event in May, here's what to expect!

Apple's has released invites to its next hardware event, "Let Loose", and confirms that iPads will be the focal point at this virtual event, hinting at major enhancements poised to redefine the iPad experience.

Apple is set to launch two eagerly awaited new models in its iPad Pro and iPad Air lines, expected to hit the market with a special event scheduled for May 7th, 2024. This comes after a notably quiet year in 2023, with no new iPad releases, setting the stage for significant updates in the upcoming models.

The anticipated updates should be substantial, especially for the iPad Pro, which is rumored to receive its most significant improvements since the introduction of the M1 chip in 2021. The 7th generation iPad Pro is expected to feature an OLED display, potentially increasing the screen size to 13 inches for the larger model, and will incorporate the new M3 chip. This model will also see a strategic redesign of its front-facing camera to a horizontal position, improving usability. Additionally, new accessories such as an updated Apple Pencil and a redesigned Magic Keyboard with an aluminum build and larger trackpad are expected to accompany the new iPads.

The 6th generation iPad Air is also set to impress, with performance enhancements from the new M2 chip and an expanded 12.9" model option, addressing the demand for larger, more capable devices. This launch is indicative of Apple's strategy to not only counteract the advancing competition but also to simplify its product offerings, reflecting a return to a Steve Jobs-era emphasis on streamlined product lines.


These models are expected to be priced at a premium, with current pricing starting at approximately £920 for the 11" iPad Pro and £1,280 for the 12.9" version, while the iPad Air 5 begins at around £680 in the UK. In the US, the prices start at about $1,160 for the 11" iPad Pro, $1,615 for the 12.9" version, and $855 for the iPad Air 5. Both devices are set to initially launch with iPadOS 17, with planned upgrades to iPadOS 18 expected to introduce enhanced AI capabilities and a more efficient Siri among other features. 

The May 7th event promises to end the longest hiatus in new iPad model introductions since Apple first entered the market, marking a significant milestone in Apple's product strategy for 2024. We won't have to wait much longer after the event either for news about the iPadOS upgrades as it will most likely be revealed during the WWDC 2024 in June. Stay tuned for these events because it is set to be an exciting couple of months for Apple users. We will certainly be following these events with great anticipation !