Windows 10 Users to Soon Be Interrupted by This Annoying Notification

Windows 10 Users to Soon Be Interrupted by This Annoying Notification

We have some bad news for Windows 10 users... Microsoft are pulling out all the stops to get you to upgrade to Windows 11.

Windows 10 remains the most widely used operating system in the world to date. Microsoft's latest version, Windows 11, remains in second place. Despite this, bad news is coming for its users.

Support for Windows 10 will end in October of next year, and Microsoft is already in a hurry to encourage more people to upgrade their operating system to the latest version before this date. Any remaining Windows 10 users will receive two full-screen notifications that will annoyingly interrupt their use of the device. 

The first notification will be shown to both Windows 10 users whose devices meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements and those with older computers. The second notification informs about the end of the support period for Windows 10 and tries to "trick" the user into upgrading as soon as possible by offering options that either start the upgrade immediately or schedule it for later. Microsoft has previously received criticism for using similar tactics in the past.


So how can you avoid these notifications? If your device can be upgraded to Windows 11 but you still don't want to have it, have a look for a small button at the bottom left of the screen. You should be able to click it and then continue using Windows 10 as before.

The second notification, on the other hand, is designed for those users whose devices do not meet the requirements for Windows 11. This notice informs about the end of support for Windows 10 and offers the opportunity to get more information about it.

These notifications are most likely to be included in the security patch package to be released on June 11. From then on, it is likely that Windows 10 users will receive more frequent alerts to upgrade their operating system. If you decide to make the switch, don't forget to back up your device to recover your data in case any problems arise after installing Windows 11.

Ultimately, it is up to you if your remain on Windows 10 instead of upgrading the Windows 11. The risk of staying with Windows 10 after support has ended for it, is that you could open yourself up to a number of security risks, and flaws that are no longer removed.