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3.2 (latest version)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
JAVAEXE is a software designed to execute Java application from an .EXE file in a Windows platform. It offers others option though.

Key Features

Launching: JAVAEXE was mainly programmed to run a Java application by associating it with an .EXE program. It can be launched as a screen saver, a Windows control panel and as an independent window.

Management: the user is able to control the behavior of the computer such as automatic shut down of the computer or adjusting the standby mode. In addition to that, JavaExe allows for example to manage the service control and the taskbar.

Restriction: with JAVAEXE, it is possible to limit the number of active processes. That is useful when the user wants to limits the resources consumed by a particular program. This action aims to improve the system stability.


Downloading JavaExe is free.
It is able to replace the icon of the executable file.
It has an intuitive and dynamic interface.


The user needs to install Java runtime environment on his PC before running this application.


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