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The Levelator is a program designed for enhancing music rendering. It offers the ability to standardize the volume of multiple audio files.

Key Features

Adjusting audio levels: The Levelator's main function is to deal with multiple audio files in order to make them have the same characters and sound the same way. It allows adjusting their volume and applying the same sound balance to each of them.

Supported formats: this software supports almost popular audio formats. It is able to proceed with WAV, AIFF as well as Adobe Soundbooth format. It is worth noticing that even if the formats are different, treating them at once is still possible.

Batch mode: the main advantage of The Levelator is that it is able to proceed with multiple files of various formats at a time. The user has not to adjust parameters of each track one by one but only once for all of them.


The Levelator is downloadable for free.

Other versions of this application compatible with Windows and Linux platforms are available on the developers' website.


There is nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: Levelator-2-2.1.1 build 4261.1.1.dmg, Levelator-2.1.1.dmg
Latest update on April 1, 2015 at 02:50 AM.
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did not install
Super Awesome now I can edit my audio easily!
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