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Are you searching for an application to create, compile, execute and debug Java applications and applets? Java Tools is a useful tool for those needing help getting started with Java.

Key Features

  • Java commands: Java Tools allows users to access easily to Java’s command line. In fact, it allows to run “Apt” and “Javac” with specified arguments. It also allows running Javadocs with specified files and options (output, sourcepath, classpath, etc.).
  • Tex editor: as a text editor, Java Tools can copy, cut and paste between files, format text (line wrap, comment formatting, bullet list formatting…), undo and redo the last edit, reading/merging contents, and highlights software code and other text appearing in an organized or predictable format.
  • Other features: apart from that, Java Tools also allows to create executable and compatible stubs for Java and HTML files. It can also check for unused, missing or redundant imports in Java files.


  • It is a practical tool for both beginners and advanced Java users.
  • Intuitive and plain interface.


  • Nothing to report.


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