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CorelCAD is a powerful and affordable CAD software that enables users to create precise 2D drawings and 3D models. It features an intuitive user interface, advanced drafting tools, and support for popular file formats, making it the perfect choice for engineers, architects, and designers. With CorelCAD, you can easily create professional-looking designs with precision and accuracy.

What is CorelCAD?

CorelCAD is a program that provides professional 2D and 3D design tools for architecture, engineering, and construction. Even though it is a more approachable CAD design alternative, it still provides all the features you need from the conception phase to real production, as it supports 3D printing. This program is an excellent CAD option, with over 10 years of development and offering a professional-grade environment.

What are the key features of CorelCAD?

  • 2D drafting: You can easily design any 2D drafting you want, thanks to the intuitive editor and all the CAD features it provides. For example, you can draw whatever object you want, apply all kinds of modifications (scale, duplicate, move, etc.), draw chains of constraints to keep your design coherent, set callouts and leader lines that auto-adjust, create a new dimension style from a specified dimension and use Smart Dimension tools for accuracy, and gracefully redistribute objects with Objects Snaps, Grips, and Polcar guides.
  • 3D modeling: Creating 3D models and complex scenes is relatively easy using advanced technical tools. Indeed, you can create wireframe geometries from the edges of 3D solids, create a 2D design and shift to 3D, and draw 3D objects in the shape of polygonal walls. Also, bevel 3D models with Face and Loop options, revolve, extrude, and also make 2D models from 3D solids.
  • Collaboration: Providing efficient and handy collaborative solutions is essential to ensure a reliable production workflow. Hence, you can add reminders, recorded messages, or instructions to your drawings and specific parts of them. Also, it can track changes in various colors, show edits, and define workflow changes. In addition, a dedicated Data Extraction Wizard can specify and block object attributes and extract information.
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  • Productivity: Creating designs and keeping everything clean and organized is no longer an issue with CorelCAD. You can easily use layers and filters, duplicate and merge them, and more to pack related objects together. Also, you can access and manage design components (blocks, styles, drawings, and images) for various CAD projects.
  • Compatibility: Designed to offer a frictionless experience, it is available on Windows and Mac, and you can natively open, edit, and save files with the latest AutoCAD .DWG file format for a smooth collaboration with your coworkers, suppliers, and business partners. Also, CorelCAD supports 3D mice (so navigating in 3D is way more accessible), lets you import and export stereolithography files (*.stl), prints 3D prototypes, and more. Regarding file formats, it supports PDF, .SVG, .EPS, .DWF, .STL, .SAT, .SHP, and .DWS files. Last but not least, you can import and export Corel DESIGNER (.DES), and CorelDRAW (.CDR) files into CorelCAD on Windows for a seamless workflow between CAD and graphics.
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How to use CorelCAD?

You can access many learning resources on the official website through tutorials, webinars, e-books, and more.

Is it free?

We offer you a demo version of CorelCAD with some feature restrictions. Alternatively, you can get a fully featured 30-day demo version by creating an account on the official website or directly purchase the full version.

Is it safe?

Yes, CorelCAD is a safe solution.