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Spotify Downloader is the perfect tool if you want to quickly download songs from your Spotify account. Easy to use, it also gives you complete control over your downloads and settings. This is a must-have for all Spotify users.

What is Spotify Downloader?

Part of the FreeGrabApp downloader series, Spotify Downloader is an app that empowers you to download all the music you want from Spotify. Over the years, FreeGrabApp has built a very vast downloader ecosystem for all kinds of platforms and content. As a result, Spotify Downloader is as polished and efficient as all their other solutions.

What are the key features of Spotify Downloader?

  • Interface: Honestly, it features a simple, minimalistic, but crazy efficient interface. All the different actions are easily accessible, and the menus are straightforward to use. There are no tedious processes and no over-complicated UI. Just download the songs you love, and that's it.
  • Fast: Spotify Downloader has been designed to let you download the songs you want as fast as possible. But it doesn't stop there, as it supports parallel download so you can download several tracks simultaneously.
  • Control the downloads: Of course, you have total control over your downloads, and you can quickly stop or resume any of them with a single click.
  • High-quality audio: Spotify Downloader can download high-quality audio content as it supports up to 256 kbps audio.
  • Versatile: You can download a single song, a full album, an artist channel, or even a playlist.
  • Convert: You can convert the songs you downloaded into MP3 using the best Lame presets (r3mix, standard, extreme, or insane).
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How to use Spotify Downloader?

First, open the app and log into your Spotify account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Copy a music link from your browser to the clipboard.
  2. Paste the link to the Spotify Downloader application by clicking on the Paste button, and the music will be added to Spotify Downloader.
  3. Click on the settings icon to choose the audio quality.
  4. Click on the Download button.
  5. You can now enjoy your favorite songs even when you are no longer connected to the Internet and transfer your content to another device.

The panel on the left groups all the main actions you can perform with the software, such as filtering the songs (by Prepared, Downloading, Paused, Completed, etc.), sorting them, configuring your proxy settings, reaching the support for help, and more.

Is it free?

Spotify Downloader is 100% free to download and use, but it only provides limited features (multi-download and others are unavailable by default). If you want to get everything Spotify Downloader has to offer, you can redeem or purchase a Premium account key.

Is it safe?

Spotify Downloader is a secure app you can download and use without a second thought. You can consult the privacy policy of the official website.

Spotify Downloader is totally legal as it does not violate any laws. As long as you have a Spotify subscription, you can download and enjoy your favorite songs with no Internet connection.

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