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  • Developer Google LLC
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Nearby Share is an amazing app to transfer files with everyone and between your devices effortlessly. Developed by Google with security in mind, sharing data using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi has never been so easy.

What is Nearby Share?

Nearby Share is a service developed by Google aimed at streamlining data transfer between devices running on Android Marshmallow and later, ChromeOS and later, and Windows 10 and later. Featuring an ergonomic and modern interface, the technology uses Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to share files efficiently and securely.

What are the key features of Nearby Share?

  • Simplicity: Whether it is on PC or Android devices, Google Nearby Share makes data transfer seamless in a few taps through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Share everything: Send almost any file, like photos, videos, screenshots, documents, audio files, or entire folders.
  • Cross-devices: You can securely transfer files between your Android devices but also with your PC. This is very convenient to stop emailing yourself and enjoy a bigger screen.
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  • Google-ecosystem: You can make file transfer even easier by logging in to your Google account, as you no longer need to confirm transfers.
  • Secure: As power comes with great responsibilities, you can control who can detect your device, like your friends and family, everyone, or only your device. In addition, you must confirm before starting any file transfer.

How to use Nearby Share?

  1. Download and install the Google Nearby Share app on your different devices.
  2. Consult our dedicated guide about Google Nearby Share to know how to transfer files across devices.

Is Nearby Share free?

Nearby Share is free to use.

Is Nearby Share safe?

Google Nearby Share is considered safe to use. Designed with privacy in mind, you can control who can discover your device and send files, whether it is your own devices, your family and friends, or everyone.

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