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  • Developer Martin Prikryl
  • Version 5.19.5
  • License Open Source
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WinSCP for Windows is a free open-source software that provides lots of protocol support (SFTP, FTP, SCP, WebDAV, Amazon S3) as well as lots of handy file management features that will help you save lots of time if you need to deal with files on a remote server.

What are the key features of WinSCP?

  • Handy user interface: WinSCP lets you choose among two interfaces during the installation process, you can change it later. The first one is the standard view that most file managers share. It displays your local files on the left and the server files on the right, and you can then drag&drop or perform operations on any side you want. The second one is more similar to the Windows explorer you use on a daily basis. This time, both your local and remote repositories are tabs, and you can view the repository tree on the left.
  • Handle all usual file operations: Because WinSCP is mighty, it obviously handles all the common operations with files, including navigating, uploading files, downloading files, managing sessions, editing/opening files, synchronizing local directory with remote one and vice versa, changing properties of remote files (permissions, ownership, etc.), renaming files, deleting files, moving and duplicating remote files, create files/directories/links/shortcuts, finding and locking files, as well as changing account password.
  • Easy integration with Windows: You have plenty of options to integrate WinSCP with Windows effortlessly. You can open WinSCP using the shortcut, find WinSCP's options when right-clicking on a directory of files, configure drag&drop shell extension to improve the downloading process using drag&drop, and lots more.
  • High language support: No matter what language you are the most comfortable with, WinSCP supports many of them, from Arabic, Catalan, Chinese variations, Czech, English, Estonian, French, Greek, and lots lots more.
  • Lots of supported protocols: You may know that depending on the server you communicate with, it can support different types of protocols. Of course, WinSCP supports the main protocols, including SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), FTP, SCP, WebDAV, and even Amazon S3.
  • Reliable directories synchronization: Directories synchronization can be very handy in many situations, can be part of an automation pipeline, and can save you lots of time. You have several ways to synchronize your remote and local directories using WinSCP. Indeed, you can synchronize them manually, let WinSCP handle synchronization using the Synchronize function, keep your remote directory up to date whenever you change your local files, and lots more using scripts. Moreover, it's utterly extendable so that you can build the toolchain that fits your needs.
  • Easy to automatize: You can also do lots of additional tasks thanks to the scripting console interface. As a result, you can automatize most of your tasks and perform advanced programming tasks only using the command line interface.
  • Safety features: You can optionally protect stored site information using a master password so that you can make sure to control privileges and file accesses. Additionally, WinSCP supports passwords, public keys, and Kerberos authentication.
  • PuTTY friendly: You can easily integrate with Pageant, a PuTTY authentication agent that supports public key authentication with SSH. Moreover, you can also use PuTTY to share site settings and perform actions such as importing sites, opening sessions in PuTTY, and more.

Is it free?

WinSCP is an open-source software that is 100% free to download and use.

Is it safe?

The software itself is entirely secure to use. However, if you use it to build and manage sensitive modules that include authentication and user management, or want to transfer files safely, you must understand what you are doing.

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