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Calibre Companion is more than a simple app: it is actually three apps in one. You can use Calibre Companion as a library organizer, a high-performance WiFi-based Calibre device emulator, and a client to access your Calibre library through Calibre's content server or in the cloud. It is developed by Samuel Cohen.

What are the key features of Calibre Companion?

  • Library organizer: view, sort, and group books by their metadata (author, notes, reviews), see booklists.
  • Read a book: launch your reading app to read a book (note: doesn't work with Amazon Kindle for Android on non-Fire devices).
  • Cloud and server: you can connect to your cloud provider (supported: Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and calibre libraries on the device or on an SD card) or to Calibre's server to browse and download books.
  • Connect to Calibre: use your Wi-Fi connection to connect to Calibre and thus, move books to and from your device and benefit from app's automatic updates of the metadata of the books in your library.

How does Calibre Companion work?

Calibre may seem confusing at first. You should first install the latest version of the app. Next, you don’t already have a reader app on your device, you will need to download and install one: the developer recommends Moon+ Reader and FBReader. You can connect to your Calibre library as a Wireless device (connect to your Android or iOS devices main memory), to a Content Server (connect to your Calibre library and view everything on your device), or to a Cloud Provider (browse anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection). We recommend to follow the app’s official guide.

Is Calibre Companion free?

The version linked to this page is a free demo version. The full version can be bought for $4.99.

Is Calibre Companion safe?

Calibre state on their blog that they do not have any secrets and that Calibre is an open-source, with every modification being approved (or not) by the developers. Also, Calibre Does Not Collect, Store or Share Personal Information making it a safe app.

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