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Unleash control with NetCut – the ultimate tech-savvy toolkit! From flipping network switches on your gaming console to turbocharging internet speeds, NetCut is your go-to for Internet connection performance mastery. Safeguard against sneaky attacks and dive into dynamic device scheduling.

What is NetCut?

NetCut offers seamless MAC address management, internet speed diagnostics, and device scheduling. With features like ARP management and address cloning, it's your go-to for efficient network control. Simplify the complex and stay in charge with NetCut's tech-driven capabilities.

What are the key features of NetCut?

  • Multi-platform compatibility: NetCut seamlessly operates across diverse environments, including office LANs, school LANs, and ISP LANs, as well as on devices like iPhones, Xbox, Wii, PS3, Android phones, and Android networks.
  • Rapid MAC address discovery: Utilize NetCut's lightning-fast capability to identify and export all MAC addresses within your network in mere seconds.
  • Device network power control: You can toggle network connectivity on and off for any device in your LAN, ranging from computers and phones to gaming consoles, routers, and switches.
  • ARP spoof attack protection: Safeguard your network from potential threats thanks to its built-in defense mechanism against ARP spoof attacks.
  • Adaptive MAC address modification: Take charge of your network's configuration by seamlessly changing the MAC address on any network adapter through NetCut.
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  • Internet speed diagnostic: You can conduct comprehensive diagnostics to assess and control your Internet connection speed using NetCut's advanced Speed Control feature.
  • Device enumeration and authorization: Identify and categorize all connected devices on your network, as NetCut intelligently flags new or unauthorized devices.
  • ARP management: Harness the power of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to map IP addresses to MAC addresses within your local network. This strategic capability dramatically helps in controlling network traffic and preventing potential attacks.
  • Clone addresses: NetCut offers a specialized function for cloning addresses, enabling the assignment of identical IP addresses to multiple devices and enhancing network management flexibility.
  • MAC address search engine: Expedite network troubleshooting and management by leveraging NetCut's dedicated MAC address search engine. Quickly locate devices on your network based on their MAC addresses.
  • Scheduled device connection: Exercise precise control over your network by scheduling any device's connection times and durations thanks to the tailored and innovative scheduling option.

How to install NetCut?

Prerequisites: You need to have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your device.

  1. Download NetCut, run the installation file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. In case it seems you cannot launch it, right-click on the installation file, select "Run as administrator", and grant it your admin permission.
  3. Then, the NetCut web page will open. In case the NetCut page doesn't open automatically, enter this URL:
  4. Done! You can now access the main NetCut interface and view your connection details and connected devices.

How to use NetCut?

To determine if someone is connected to your WiFi or Ethernet network without your permission, activate NetCut diagnostics and check the connected devices. For each one, you can check the device name, IP and MAC addresses, network device brand, and connection status, and view a connection tag marked as 'Attacker' or 'Protected'.

If you don't find any intruder at that moment, but you suspect that someone may try to connect at some other time, you can leave NetCut active for an extended period preventively and review the connections later.

Using the Pro version of NetCut, you can choose who you want to give access to your wireless connection in a single click, as well as quickly disconnect or block access if you consider that someone is no longer allowed.

Is NetCut free?

We offer you the free version of NetCut, but you can also purchase the paid version starting at $2.99 per month or $29.90 per year. One of the advantages of the Pro subscription is that you can use NetCut with both your Android device and computer.

Is NetCut safe?

Yes, NetCut is considered safe to use.