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WiFi Analyzer assists in recognizing Wi-Fi issues and determining the optimal channel or location for your router/access point. It transforms your PC/laptop into a dedicated analyzer for your wireless network.

What is WiFi Analyzer?

WiFi Analyzer is a software application designed to analyze and optimize WiFi networks. It seamlessly scans the available networks, retrieves their signal strength, identifies congested Wi-Fi channels, and sometimes tests network speed. Hence, it is a valuable tool for troubleshooting connection problems.

What are the key features of WiFi Analyzer?

  • User-friendly design: The app keeps it simple with an easy-to-navigate panel, making it user-friendly for everyone.
  • Connection details: You can easily see all the info related to the network you are connected to and get a clear view of all the available networks around you. For instance, you have access to your network details (SSID, Channel, Frequency, Bandwidth, etc.), your device info (BSSID, Company, Country), your IP details (private and public pieces of information), security-related stuff (encryption algorithm, authentication protocol), and your infrastructure (connectivity and interface).
  • Networks: As WiFi Analyzer scans all the networks, it shows you all the available networks around you (even the ones with hidden names) and their signal strengths, making it easy to have a clear view of the best option to pick.
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  • Benchmark: There's a speed test feature under 'Link speed', but keep in mind that not all Wi-Fi adapters may support this.
  • Shortcuts: The app supports various keyboard shortcuts for speedy access to its features.
  • Analyzer: Here, you will see all the different Wi-Fi signals categorized depending on the signal strength and dBm.
  • Pro features: The pro features are named as follows: Live-Tile support, Beeper for signal strength, Connect to networks, Use filters, Prevent screen timeout, Lock screen rotation, and Change signal strength borders.
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How to use WiFi Analyzer?

  1. Once installed, you can directly look at the Networks section to view all the available networks.
  2. If you want to review your connection details, go to Connected and explore the different sub-sections.
  3. Go to Upgrade so you can subscribe to the PRO version. If you have doubts about the different options, you can consult the dedicated tutorials.

Is WiFi Analyzer free?

We offer you the free and ad-free version of WiFi Analyzer. Still, you can purchase the paid version if you need to get access to the pro features.

Is WiFi Analyzer safe?

Yes, WiFi Analyzer is considered safe to use.

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