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  • Developer David Xanatos
  • Version 1.12.3
  • License Open Source
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Sandboxie is a free, open-source virtualization tool for Windows operating systems. It acts as a sandbox, creating a separate, isolated environment where applications can operate without permanently changing the local system. This setup facilitates safe testing of untrusted software and secure web browsing.

What is Sandboxie Plus?

Sandboxie Plus, an enhanced version of the well-known Sandboxie, has earned a spot as a go-to tool in the computer security world. This application is all about offering a safe, self-contained space for running apps and pieces of software. What's great is that any changes made inside this 'sandbox' won't impact your primary operating system. It's a real game-changer for those who want to test new apps, navigate iffy websites, or open files that seem sketchy without risking their system's safety.

Sandboxie comes in two versions, Plus and Classic. Both editions use the same fundamental components, ensuring identical security and compatibility standards. The main distinction between them lies in the range of features offered in their respective user interfaces.

What are the key features of Sandboxie Plus?

  • Enhanced application security: Sandboxie Plus offers a unique blend of safety and control over your computer's applications. Thanks to cutting-edge virtualization methods, you get a secure spot for your apps, creating a protected ecosystem and ensuring all the apps running inside an instance of Sandboxie Plus cannot reach your computer and mess with it.
  • Resource management and optimization: When it comes to managing resources, Sandboxie Plus shines. It lets you fine-tune how much power and resources each sandboxed application gets. This is super handy for heavy-duty programs like games or video editors. You can allocate resources to ensure these apps run smoothly without dragging down your computer's overall performance.
  • Robust privacy protection: Your privacy gets a big boost with Sandboxie Plus. It ensures that apps in the sandbox can't snoop on your personal info or web habits. This way, your passwords, browsing history, and sensitive files stay out of reach from any nasty software. It's like having an extra shield for your data.
  • Detailed activity logging: But there's more – Sandboxie Plus keeps a detailed log of all the operations performed within the sandbox. This is great for spotting any odd or suspicious activities. Hence, by checking these logs, you can stay one step ahead of potential threats, keeping your sandbox environment safe and sound.
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  • Wide-ranging compatibility: Compatibility is another strong suit. Sandboxie Plus works with various Windows versions, including Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Plus, it's also available for Mac and Linux users. So, no matter what your operating system is, Sandboxie Plus covers you.
  • Frequent updates: And don't forget about updates. The Sandboxie Plus team regularly rolls out improvements and new features. These updates ensure you always use the most up-to-date version, keeping your sandbox environment as secure and efficient as possible.
  • Snapshot manager: Capture snapshots of your virtual boxes effortlessly. Restore them anytime you need, ensuring your workspace remains flexible and secure.

  • Maintenance mode: Seamlessly manage the Sandboxie driver and service. Install, uninstall, start, or stop operations are now just a click away.

  • Portable mode: Experience the freedom of mobility. Run the installer and effortlessly extract all necessary files to any chosen directory.

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  • Enhanced UI options: Elevate your security by blocking access to key Windows components, including the printer spooler and clipboard.

  • Expanded customization: Tailor your virtual environment with advanced Start/Run and Internet access controls, fine-tuning your workspace to your exact needs.

  • Global hotkey feature: Instantly terminate all processes within your boxes with a simple, universal hotkey command.

  • Sandbox-specific network firewall: Each sandbox is fortified with a robust firewall, leveraging the Windows Filtering Platform for unbeatable security.

  • Efficient sandbox navigation: Quickly search through your list of sandboxes with the handy Ctrl+F shortcut.

  • Global settings and sandbox options search: Find what you need in your settings with a dedicated search function, making adjustments faster and more intuitive.

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  • Import/export capability: Conveniently import and export sandboxes using 7z files, streamlining your workflow.

  • Windows Start Menu integration: Access your sandboxes directly from the Windows Start menu for a seamless user experience.

  • Browser compatibility wizard: Easily create templates for unsupported browsers, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

  • Vintage view mode: Enjoy a touch of nostalgia with Vintage View mode, mirroring the classic look of Sandboxie Control.

  • Troubleshooting wizard: Get help when you need it with a built-in wizard designed to resolve common issues swiftly.

  • Add-on manager: Customize and enhance your virtual environment with additional components, expanding functionality as needed.

How to use Sandboxie Plus?

We strongly advise you to follow the tutorials carefully crafted by the official developers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Run web browser
  3. The sandbox
  4. Quick recovery
  5. Delete sandbox
  6. Conclusion

Is Sandboxie Plus free?

Sandboxie Plus is free to use as an open-source project, but it also offers additional features through the optional paid version.

Is Sandboxie Plus safe?

Sandboxie Plus is engineered with a strong emphasis on security to ensure applications you run through it cannot propagate malware infections or harm your actual operating system. Still, no security measure is foolproof, so pair it with additional security measures like an antivirus.