LinBerry for Ubuntu

(6.9 Mo)
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  • Developer Ismael Marrero
  • Version 1.1 beta 1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

LinBerry for Ubuntu is the alternative to BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Linux systems. It allows managing the BlackBerry device via a Linux based computer.

Disclaimer: LinBerry is no longer supported by the publisher and the version linked to this page is the latest to exist.

What are the key features of LinBerry?

  • Synchronization: Once this program is installed on the computer, the user can connect their phone via USB. No additional configuration is required as the software automatically detects the mobile device and syncs it to the computer.
  • Managing files: LinBerry for Ubuntu offers the ability to manage files into the Blackberry storage unit. Copying, deleting, moving to different location and much more. These are just examples of what can be performed using this application.
  • Applications management: This software also allows dealing with the various applications of the Blackberry phone. Indeed, it is possible to install new ones or uninstall existing ones using the Linux computer.
  • Contacts: LinBerry for Ubuntu can also be used for the management of contacts. Adding new entries as well as removing existing ones is allowed. It is also possible to back up contacts to the computer's hard drives and to restore them to the phone in case of accidental deletion.

Is it free?

LinBerry for Ubuntu is downloadable for free.

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