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SpaceSniffer is the disk space analyzer you must choose if you need an easy-to-use solution offering flexible and performant features. You will love its intuitive and dynamic graphical interface, from which you can instantly see which files take up space and inspect elements in a single click.

What is SpaceSniffer?

SpaceSniffer is a disk space analyzer developed by Uderzo Software for Microsoft Windows. Using a treemap to visualize disk usage, SpaceSniffer has been designed to offer a fast and easy experience where you don't need to re-learn how to use it every time. Over the years, it has been constantly updated and has become one of the most popular disk space analyzer solutions.

What are the key features of SpaceSniffer?

  • Interface: The interface is intuitive, supports drag and drop, and the files and folders are displayed in a Treemap hierarchical structure with significant elements taking more space than smaller ones. It helps as you instantly understand which element uses memory and can inspect file size, name, path, creation date, etc.
  • Responsiveness: You can navigate through folders like in a web browser and refine a zoomed area by a secondary scan, even with main scan processing. Also, it dynamically reacts to system events to keep data in sync and warns you by making altered files blink.
  • Views: Another convenient capability of SpaceSniffer is its flexibility regarding views. Indeed, you can get several views of the same media depending on filters and tags. And it doesn't take more time thanks to the Smart cache scanning engine, which holds all the data.
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  • Filters: Being able to perform quick searches and focus on specific files is key because it saves a significant amount of time. That's why SpaceSniffer lets you use filters (based on file size, name, etc.) so the scanning process only targets files of interest.
  • Tags: You can tag files with four different colors for easier viewing, filtering, and exporting.
  • Portable: No installation is required, so you can carry it wherever you go.
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  • Export: You can export scan results in text format, including folders and files you tagged. In addition, even though SpaceSniffer has built-in export configurations, you can add and remove new ones depending on your needs.
  • ADS friendly: NTFS Alternate Data Streams are supported.
  • Lightweight: It only runs based on an XML configuration file, and the overall algorithm is pretty optimized, so SpaceSniffe is both performant and lightweight.
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How to use SpaceSniffer?


Once the application starts, a dialog box asks you where to scan. Then, you can:

  • Select a media icon in the file browser.
  • Type a path in the dedicated path field.
  • Drag and drop a folder into the start dialog. Note that only a single folder is allowed at a time. Alternatively, you can close the dialog box and drag and drop as many folders as you want.

Then, just press Enter, and the scanning process will start. To browse the content of any folder, double-click on it and access another level.


  1. Filter the files you need to export, and navigate to the folder you want to be the root of the export process.
  2. Select File/Export from the main menu.
  3. Choose one export configuration.
  4. Press the export button on the upper toolbar.

Is it free?

SpaceSniffer is totally free to use.

Is it safe?

SpaceSniffer is a reliable and safe-to-use solution you can use without a second thought. You can consult the associated privacy policy for more information.