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  • Developer Cx File Explorer
  • Version 1.9.6
  • License Freeware
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Cx File Explorer is one of the best Android file managers out there. It offers everything most people need to manage their files, folders, installed apps and memory, and even provides cloud, NAS, and remote functionalities.

What is Cx File Explorer?

Cx File Explorer is an all-in-one Android file manager offering reliable ways to manage your files and apps with great simplicity. Even if you are used to managing your files from your device's native file browser, you will surely quickly change your mind and save lots of time in the future using the powerful Cx File Explorer.

What are the key features of Cx File Explorer?

  • Interface: The whole interface is so intuitive that it is a pleasure to use Cx File Explorer. Actually, it is so simple you won't need to spend lots of time managing your files.
  • Organized: You can access all your files and folders separately, like images, videos, and audio files, but also go to your device's root directory and see all your installed apps and download folders.
  • Analyze: Cx File Explorer can scan your device and tell the amount of free memory, as well as how much memory is taken by your videos, audio files, and photos.
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  • File management: You can organize your folders and files very easily and also move, browse, copy, rename, compress, extract, delete, create, and share them on both internal and external storage of your mobile device. Installed apps can also be managed from Cx File Explorer.
  • Connected: You can sync your data with your Box, Drive, or Dropbox accounts and manage your files from the cloud. In addition, you can oversee your data from network-attached storage (NAS), including remote or shared depositories like FTPS, SFTP, FTP, SMB, LAN, and WebDAV. 

How to use Cx File Explorer?

Once installed, you can tap on Analyze to scan your device and know how much data your images, audio files, and video are taking. Next, browse the Library tabs to see your files and manage them. You can connect your Android device to a computer in the Network tab and manage files on the Cx File Explorer interface or sync on the cloud.

Is it free?

Yes, it is totally free to use.

Is it safe?

Cx File Explorer is a safe app you can use without a second thought.