Scratchin' Melodii free for PC

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  • Developer LJ LephemStar
  • Version 2022-29-09
  • License Demo
  • Language en

Scratchin' Melodii is an independent music game developed and published by LJ LephemStar. Although it is still in development, it already features some challenging levels and tracks. This game does not only focus on rhythm but also offers a unique storyline.


You play Melodii, a young DJ and musician who was caught doing graffiti. To pay your debt, you now have to scratch up songs and compete against other musicians. May your path be glorious.


  • Follow the rhythm: As you compete against your opponents, you will have to either repeat the notes (if the bar is blue) or play your own part (if the bar is pink).
  • Storyline: The game offers a friendly, engaging, and challenging storyline with numerous characters to interact with.
  • Explore: You can explore the world and roam wherever you want. You will discover new places and meet people and challengers throughout your journey.
  • Challenging: Scratchin' Melodii offers a smooth learning curve as you will learn the way to play through a series of dedicated tutorials. Once you are ready, many rivals await you, and even some really serious bosses.
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Graphics and sound

Scratchin' Melodii offers nice-looking cartoon-like visuals and animations. Regarding the sound, the tracks are genuinely cool, and the end result is quite satisfying for an independent video game.

Duration and game modes

The game features two main game modes you can finish in a couple of hours, depending on your liking:

  • Story Mode: This is the main game mode where you will experience a journey through many levels and fight against bosses.
  • Quick-Groove: You can select songs as you please.

What do the reviews say?

Even though the game is still in development and targets a niche audience, it offers a fun experience in a nice, refreshing, and calm environment.

Age rating

There is no official rating, but the game is not violent at all. If you really want to take no risks, you can consider it 10+ as there are elements of vandalism, but nothing more than that.

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