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Friday Night Funkin', abbreviated FNF, is a musical game created during a game jam. It features nice-looking flash-game graphics and will challenge your rhythm skills throughout a journey to seduce the love of your life.


You will play Boyfriend, a young man who loves Girlfriend, a young woman for whom he is ready to do whatever it takes to show his feelings. You will prove your will and skills during several rhythmic singing battles. Be prepared as there are many people you need to convince that you are the right one; don't miss notes, and don't let the music stop.


  • Keep the pace: The game's objective is to hit the correct keyboard keys corresponding to the notes at the right moment, testing your reflexes and sense of rhythm. Even though you will only use 4 keys, a true challenge awaits you, and you will discover lots of crazy punchy songs.
  • Narrative: Even though the narrative is not the game's core, it still positively adds to the gameplay, and you will love the animations. You will face many opponents, including Girlfriend's father and mother, and will play over 60 different songs.
  • Sharpen your skills: The Friday Night Funkin' storyline is divided into several weeks representing different challenges and different opponents. As time goes by, the competitions get more complicated and will push your limits.
  • The progress bar: The progress bar indicates whether or not you are winning the challenge. Every time you hit the right key, it goes higher, and each wrong key will make it lower. As you play, you will see it will spice up the gameplay and put you under pressure.
  • Extendable: As an open-source application, the community developed many mods that diversify the experience and allow you to enjoy more content.
  • Smooth learning curve: Before starting the main course, the game will guide you through a tutorial to make you learn the basics. Later, you will also be able to choose among several difficulty levels to adapt the experience to your skills.
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Graphics and sound

Friday Night Funkin' features colorful old-school 2D graphics that will remind you of many games released in the early 2000s. The punchy soundtrack has been composed by Kawaii Sprite and truly gives the game a unique and crazy identity.

Duration and game modes

Friday Night Funkin' offers an overall experience of about one to two hours, and it features two game modes:

  • Story mode: In this game mode, you follow the main story of Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
  • Free Play: You can practice and hone your skills the way you want.

What do the reviews say?

Metacritic has not officially rated the game, but it seems the players really enjoyed what it has to offer.

Age rating

Even though the game has no PEGI rating, it contains content with sexual connotations. Of course, a young audience may not notice these connotations, but still, the game can be considered suitable for teenagers.

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