GameMaker Studio 2 free for PC

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  • 16 votes 3.9 / 5
  • Developer Mark Overmars
  • Version 8.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

GameMaker: Studio Standard is a program for creating cross-platform games easily. With it, you can learn how to create games, share your experience with other developers and improve your skills.

What are the key features of GameMaker Studio 2?

  • Game creation: GameMaker: Studio Standard can design games with simple drag and drop. This method is accelerating the design even for experts in this field. During the process, users can define the games' features, add sound and improve graphics.
  • Scripting: this program has been integrated with a scripting language to let users control any detail of the game. For instance, they can control pathfinding, object interaction, data structure, and more. It also supports search, finds, and replace, IntelliSense as well as syntax highlighting.
  • Animation: it is possible to create graphical animations in a matter of seconds. Indeed, GameMaker: Studio Standard is integrated with an image editor making this task trouble-free. This process avoids users to call on other applications.
  • Export: once created, GameMaker: Studio Standard enables users to select the platform (Mobile with iOS, Android, Mobile Phone, or Tizen) in which it will be saved. For this free version, the export is limited to Windows Desktop.

Is it free?

This version is a free 30-day trial. After it expires you can purchase the Creator ($39), Developer ($99), or Console ($799) licenses to get more features.

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