GOG Galaxy 2.0 free for PC, Mac

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Are you a user of different video game platforms and do you feel tired of having to hop from one platform to another to find your games? GOG Galaxy 2.0 is the solution! This launcher lets you complete a cross-platform game library completely for free. You can use the handy search function to browse through the content that you have purchased on Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Uplay and up to 20 more services, without having to open those platforms separately.

What are the key features of GOG Galaxy?

  • All gaming platforms in one: GOG Galaxy 2.0 allows you to import the accounts of different game distribution services, and create a quick-access list of all the digital games you have acquired across those platforms.
  • Buy and update games: You can also update your content, purchase expansion packs or buy new titles through the game store integrated in the application.
  • Search and filter options: GOG has a slick-looking interface and it offers an intelligent search bar and filtering options by operating system, platform, genre, etc.
  • Game statistics: GOG Galaxy 2.0 provides an interesting analysis of the achievements you have obtained in your games, as well as the hours you have spent playing each game.

How does GOG Galaxy work?

Setting up GOG Galaxy does not involve any difficulty. First, you will have to register and sign in to your account. Afterwards, you can use GOG Connect to import other game libraries, such as the ones of Steam and Epic Games, into GOG.

Here is a tutorial that shows you how to get GOG Galaxy 2.0 up and running:

Is GOG free?

You can download and install GOG for free. The built-in GOG games store offers a small collection of free-to-play games, however most of the titles in the library require a purchase.

Is GOG Galaxy 2 out?

Yes and no. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is still in the beta phase of the development cycle, meaning there hasn't been an official stable release yet. The good thing is that GOG has decided to make the beta version publicly available. GOG invites its users to enjoy the application and share their feedback. GOG Galaxy 2.0 open beta is considered perfectly safe, so you don't have to worry about security risks.

What are the system requirements for GOG Galaxy?

  • Windows: Windows 8 or 10 and 232 MB free disk space.
  • macOS: At least macOS 10.12 and 230 MB available disk space.
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