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With the advent of the internet, various websites allow users to do complex tasks without actually downloading or installing specialized software. One such website is PicJoke: it allows users to edit photos and images to create custom collages. For this the user does not need to download any software. The user has to open the web page for PicJoke and select a pre-defined template. The website has built-in buttons for browsing and selecting images from the hard disk of the computer and can apply it to the template. The user can also save the new collage on the hard disk of the computer.

PicJoke is a website that allows you to create fun photo collages with the photos/images stored on your hard drive. You can then retrieve them to your PC or share them over social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Enter PicJoke
  • Select one of the given templates
  • In the window that opens click "Browse" and select the photo or image from your hard drive.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on "Create your photo".
  • Your own creation is displayed.
  • To save it to the hard disk, click the "Save to PC" link below the photo collage.
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