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How To Block a Phone Number on Verizon

If someone is bothering you with unwanted calls and texts, you may wish to block their phone number. Luckily, Verizon allows you to temporarily block up to five numbers for a 90-day period, for free. You can also indefinitely block additional numbers, for a fee. This article will explain how to block a phone number online or via the My Verizon mobile application.

Blocking a Phone Number Online

To block a phone number online, go to the Verizon web page dedicated to blocking numbers. Log in with your account details, and in the window that opens, select the phone line that you wish to manage.

Next, find and click Block calls & messages. Add the numbers that you would like to block, and select Save.

This setting will be saved for 90 days. Following that period, you will need to re-block the number following the same process.

Blocking a Phone Number on the Verizon Mobile App

It’s possible to block a phone number from the Verizon mobile app. To get started, open the My Verizon app. If you have not yet installed the app, you can download the version for Android here and the version for iPhone here.

Now, open the app, followed by the Navigation Menu, then Devices. Find the device that you would like to modify, then click Manage. Select the Controls tab, and then, hit Call and Message Blocking.

To block a phone number, enter your password and select Add number. In the field that appears, enter the phone number that you want to block, and click Block number.

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