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I forgot my call barring code for my zte phone (model: S551). when i try to "cancel all call barring" it requests the call barring password. The problem persisted even after restoring factory settings. What can i do to reset this call barring code pliz?
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Ensure that the telephone is set to tone dialling. If the telephone does not have tone dialling or is already set to tone dialling and is still not accepting the request, please try using another telephone.
Check that you are dialling the correct sequence. To cancel barring all incoming calls, dial #261#. To cancel barring all outgoing calls, dial #34 code * pin #. You should hear the message Call Barring is cancelled. For further information on using Call Barring, please see Using Call Barring .
Ensure you are using the correct four digit PIN. In some BT exchanges the Call Barring service locks after three failed attempts. If you suspect that this is the case, please contact us.
For barring outgoing calls, ensure that you are canceling the correct option. Dial *#34#. You should hear one of the following messages, depending on the option currently set:
  • Option 1 Outgoing calls are barred
  • Option 2 Outgoing national and international calls are barred
  • Option 3 Outgoing international calls are barred
  • Option 4 Calls to operator services are barred
  • Option 5 Network services are barred
  • Option 7 Outgoing calls are barred

You can then remove that option. Dial #34option code*PIN#, for example, #344*1234# would cancel barring operator services calls

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