I can not download attachment on my yahoo email [Solved/Closed]

- Oct 15, 2008 at 03:18 PM - Latest reply:  mac - Jul 26, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Today I can not download any attachement with any extension. I normally get these e-mail with the same attachmnt daily and I did not have any problem untill now. Even it is not giving me option to save or open.

Thank you
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Nov 4, 2008 at 04:59 PM
Thank you
I had the same problem, which had to do with my anti-virus (Trend Micro). I had to go into Virus Controls; then Protection Against Viruses; click on Settings and uncheck the box that said "Threats in Web mail attachments". Remember, Yahoo uses Norton to download attachments so you can't have two virus protections "running" at the same time.

Thank you, HansonBrothersHockeyChick 63

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write the sollution to this issue.

God bless you!
thanks pal...

ur suggestion resolved my problem..

thanks a lot..
I want to thank you for helping me unblock the email attachment problem I was having. I too have Micro Trend and as soon as I followed your steps, I can now get attachments and pictures. Thanks so much you were a great help when no one else knew the answer.
this is most def the fix if you are having problems opening yahoo attachments and using trend micro.
hanson ... you're a doll ... your good info resolved my issue ... and I am using avg ... bet you never thought your answer would help someone half-decade later ... ha ? hi-five to you.
Thank you
No I have not. Currently in order to open the attachment I am forwarding my yahoo e-mail to my G-mail account. G-mail account with out any problem it opens in the same machine.
Thank you
Thanks HansonBros--- I was having problems downloading attachments, but I tried your solution with the Trend..and it worked. God blessed
Thank you
I had the same problem with Yahoo. I could download .wmv files. But I could not download exl. and doc. files. I contacted Yahoo and their response solved the problem for me. Here is their reply......


Each Internet browser comes with optional upgrades or enhancements
commonly known as "add-ons" or "plug-ins." These features make your
Internet browser more useful & certain add-ons or plug-ins can
potentially cause issues with Yahoo!7 Mail.

To find out if this is the case, please try one of the following tasks
for your specific browser: Common uses include (but aren't limited to)
Toolbars, News or Stock Tickers, Instant Messaging, Weather alerts,
Email alerts, Antivirus/Antispy and/or Games.

If you're running Internet Explorer 7.0:

1. Close out of all instances of the Internet Explorer internet browser.
2. Select "Start", "Settings", then click "Control Panel".
3. Double-click on "Internet Options".
4. Select the "Advanced" tab.
5. Under "Browsing", remove the "Enable third-party internet browser
extensions" check box.
6. Relaunch the Internet Explorer internet browser.
WOW thank YOU my dear! finally the damn thing is working! I couldnt find that micro trend thing anywhere and I i didnt thnk my pc has it anyway..so does the "enable third party.." checks itsefl? cuz my attachements used to work just fine until maybe a week ago
Thank you
If using Mcafee Security Suite (or the ATT Internet Security Suite powered by Mcafee), you need to do the following:

1. Bring up the McAfee Security Center (double-click icon in lower right of screen)
2. Click on Email & IM protected icon and then click on Configure to change option on the right.
3. Under E-Mail protection is enabled .... click the dot to Off (from On). This allows the e-mail protect automatically scans ...etc. This is because the Yahoo/ATT email software is incorporated with Norton's on the website. With the McAfee software engaged on the local PC, they are "combating" each other resulting in the downloading problem.

4. You will then receive a message from the Mcafee software stating they your computer IS NOT fully protected, when in fact it is. You've just allowed the Yahoo/ATT Norton software to scan the attachment during the download instead of the McAfee.

5. You will then find that going back to your email downloads that everything will function as designed. I am sure this is the same thing that is happening with the other antivirus software (Trend Micro, etc ) installed on any local PC.
Nov 22, 2008 at 06:24 PM
Thank you
Same problem, solution worked for me too! Thanks a bunch!
Thank you
I too was having the same problem with yahoo mail. After three hours on the phone with AT&T and Microsoft, no solution. I should have googled it three hours ago. It would have saved me alot of time and trouble. HansonBro's you put them all to shame........
Nov 20, 2008 at 01:30 AM
Thank you
I'm glad I was able to help everyone! I've had Trend since February and had no problems until their last update.


I <3 the Hanson Brothers.
R.I.P. Paul Newman - Slap Shot.
I couldn't download attachments - same problem as the others. I have Trend too and didn't have a problem until October I was trying "restore to a previous date" to no avail and checking yahoo led me in circles too It was so exasperating. Forwarding my e-mails to another account was the only way to download the attachments so I realised that it couldn't be my computer. One would hope that Yahoo/Trend find a way to resolve the problem. Perhaps they should consider consulting you as you seem to have been the only one who could offer a solution.
Thanks so much. Best Wishes, Spence
Thank you so much...I also have trend micro and have not been able to open attachments. I was wasting Saturday's trying to figure this out and finally did a search today on the issue and found your resolution. Many thanks!
Thank you
I have deselected email web threats in Trend. I still can't open or download attachs. in Yahoo mail?
I was so hopeful when I saw this thread.
Any other ideas?
Thank you
Same issue: have you resolved it yet
I am experiencing the same problem with my Yahoo email account. I recently forwarded a message with an attachment to my Hotmail account and had no problems opening the attachment. Something tells me this is a Yahoo issue...I have had this problem before, if I remember correctly.
Thank you
try and upgrade your yahoo
cause I did and ic can now download my files
if it doesn't work contact yahooo tech support
Thank you
a not able to open my email attachments. Please help I do not know how
Thank you
This is definitely a Trend Micro problem. My ex wife bought a computer from Best Buy, and they put Trend on it. She's been unable to download Yahoo attachments since the middle of October.
Do as the Hansonbrothershockeychick said and all will be well. -J
No! Not a Trend problem only!!! I have McAfee and have the exact same problem. The solution that works for Trend does not work for McAfee. I have AOL as SP. Telephoned their Customer Services - they said that their engineers are aware of the problem and working on it
Thank you
I too have been having problems with attachments not opening in yahoo. I also have Trend Micro anti-virus. After unchecking the box: threats in web mail attahments, everything is now O.K. Thanks Much. Dennis S.
Thank you
i had the same problem for couple of days. I usually work with mozilla firefox. I tried with

ie 7 given with laptop. and I could open my attachments. I did nt do anything with antivirus.

I am using avg antivirus free version.
Thank you
I've got McAfee running on Vista and can't open any attachments. I started in SAFE MODE w/ networking and was able to do it just fine. Once out of SAFE MODE the problem comes back. I click on the attachment to download and nothing happens. Yahoo uses a Norton virus scanner and I'm not sure of any way to turn that off. Anyone have a fix for that yet?
- Dec 9, 2008 at 01:13 AM
# Open McAfee Security Center.
# Click on Virus Scan.
# Click on "Configure virus scan options".
# Select Active Shield tab.
# Un-check "Scan email and attachments".
# Click Apply and close window.
> hansonbrothershockeychick - Jan 5, 2009 at 06:57 PM
Dear HansonBrother,
You appear to be the expert. I echo the problem with downloading my e-mail from yahoo. I have the Norton Interne Security and it scans the e-mail and says its free of viruses, etc. When I try to download or save, it will download to 99% but never download the attachment. Any suggestions? Thanks and happy new year!
> hansonbrothershockeychick - Apr 14, 2009 at 11:39 AM
That did not work for me. I have McAfee
Thank you
every time I go 2 open my e-mail attachmet adobe acrobat comes up I would like 2 know how 2 get rid of this and have a normal e mail box
Thank you
HansonBrothers, if I could buy you a few beers right now...! Thanks very much for the info!
Thank you
Thank You soooooo much! I have been going through this for 3 months!
Thank you
Try This:

If you have Trend Micro Anti Virus software you have to:

- Open Main Console
- Select Virus & Spyware Controls
- Select "Settings" from "Protection from Viruses & Spyware"
- Deselect (uncheck) the box "Threats in Web mail attachments"
I have the same problem can't open attachement from yahoo mail (yahoo.fr). Finally, I can find a solution. I change location of my account yahoo to yahoo asie where I live now. May be you are the same case with me. Check location of your yahoo account and make the same zone with your live.
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